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Mar 10, 2007 12:01 PM

Looking for cerignola olives in Chicago

Any suggestions where to find a good Italian deli/grocery that sells olives by the pound (preferably from barrels!)

If you've never had must. Cerignola's are gigantic green olives from Apulia (the heel of the boot in Italy) and I used to get them at Italian delis in NYC and South Philadelphia. Now that I live in South Bend, IN I imagine the only place to get them is Chicago. There are some online sources but I don't want to pay $50 for olives without being able to taste them (I've had some lame jarred ones.)

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  1. Here's what they look like.

    1. There was a recent discussion here about where to find prosciutto, and some of the places suggested there there might have cerignola olives as well. Keep in mind that the original poster there was looking at places in/near the Loop (downtown Chicago), whereas suggestions there for places in Berwyn (about 8 miles west of downtown Chicago) might be just as convenient for you.

      In addition to Berwyn, you could try one of the locations of Caputo's in the suburbs, or Fox and Obel in the city. Caputo's is an old-style Italian market; Fox and Obel is a gourmet food store near downtown Chicago.

      1. Have your tried Macri's bakery on Niles and Lasalle?They have a nice deli section and I seem to remember olives there though maybe not the type you are asking for.Also Bambers near the farmers market on Mishawaka Avenue has a small Italian deli section.Maybe one of these places can get them for you without having to travel.Who knows maybe one of the Martin's has something.

        1. I couldn't tell you for sure, but I'd give Bari Foods on Grand, and JP Graziano's on Randolph a call. Really, you should check out both of them, anyway, since they're awesome. If Graziano's has them, they're going to be sold from a barrel. They've got the best kalamatas I've had in town, too.

          901 W Randolph St
          Chicago, IL 60607
          (312) 666-4587

          1120 W Grand Ave
          Chicago, IL 60622
          (312) 666-0730

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            I came here to reccommend Graziano's, too.
            If F&O and WF let you down, check out Sam's Wines- They always have a good selection of Olives.

            1. re: lunchbox

              I'm pretty sure Sam's at least used to have them. I will be stopping by there after work for my Fourth of July "supplies", so I'll check and post again later.

          2. i think I've seen cerignolas -- bought them, even -- at Whole Foods.

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              Yeah, every WF I've been in has cerignolas on the olive bar.