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Mar 10, 2007 11:58 AM

Chilangos -SD bad news

Bad news for Chilango fans. I just drove by to see that they have closed. Sushi to come in their place. Anyone know if they've moved or bitten the dust?

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  1. This was reported last week in the "Mexican in La Jolla" thread. Unfortunately, it is true and it seems that it's a permanent closure. Why the sudden closure is unknown at this time.

    1. Are you referring to the Chilangos in Hillcrest?? Please tell me it's some other one that's closed :(

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      1. re: Crolak

        No, sadly, it is the Chilango's in Hillcrest.

      2. I get the feeling Ortega's might have been taking a lot of their business. Very sad indeed.

        1. Sushi Teriyaki House, which occupies Chilango's old location, has the same owners as Chilango's. I went there the other day for their sushi happy hour (2 to 6 pm) and was impressed. I had an eel roll and a rainbow roll and they were much better than the same items at Ichiban's happy hour down the street. I will go back soon to try the kitchen items.

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          1. re: James Patrick Griffin

            What do you mean? They still own the place but have changed the cuisine to japones?!?

            1. re: kare_raisu

              I'm pretty sure they were forced to due to Hillcrest zoning restrictions, which state that each block must have at least one sushi establishment.

              1. re: mangiatore

                Glad I wasn't taking a sip of my coffee when I read this. Best laugh of the day.
                . . . jim strain

              2. re: kare_raisu

                Yes. My waiter didn't know why they made the change. He said he had just started working there when it was made. I'll try to get more information the next time I go.

            2. So the place is still owned by the brothers from Mexico but now they're serving sushi instead of Mexican food? That would be quite strange indeed.

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              1. re: mliew

                I just came back from Sushi Teriyaki house where I had chicken katsu-don and got a bit more information from my waiter. He told me the owners of Chilango's were tired of people coming in looking for burritos and tacos, so they closed and partnered with two former chefs from Ichiban and reopened as a Japanese joint. From what I have had so far this place is head and shoulders above Ichiban and ranks up there with the old Teriyaki Cowboy.

                  1. re: kare_raisu

                    Yeah, that is pretty sad. I can't believe people know that little about Mexican food...