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Mar 10, 2007 11:52 AM

EV dessert...(with chocolate)?

Going to Degustation this week. I think I would prefer to go for dessert someplace else after dinner. Last time I got talked into Max Brenner. (Don't even ask..) I would like to be better prepared this time. Looking for a simple place with good desserts, not too far from the restaurant (on East 5th Between 2nd and 3rd). Does not have to have alcohol. Any bakery with tables? (I like Black Hound but do not think you can sit there..or can you??)

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  1. Black Hound does not have any tables there, only take-out. I guess you can go to Taralucci e Vino on 1st Ave & 10th St. They have good desserts and the chocolate desserts are pretty good.

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      Those are the two names I would have mentioned, too. If you like the sweets at Black Hound, consider buying them there and eating them outdoors by the church on 10th St. if the weather is nice. Otherwise, yes, the torta cioccolato at Tarallucci e Vino is very good (seems like I like it better than chocokitty, but I suppose she's [?] an expert on chocolatey items around town).

    2. veniero's still one of the best

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        What chocolate dessert(s) do you recommend there?

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          I like the chocolate/chocolate cannoli (not a true cannoli [cannollo?] obviously) as well as many of the "half-dome" desserts. Very tasty.

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            I like the zuppe englese with chocolate and vanilla custard. I also like the whipped cream puffs covered in chocolate. The chocolate cannolis are good as well as the cookies dipped in chocolate.

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            Thanks..I have never been that keen on Veneiro's...I like more cakey, rather than creamy, chocolate desserts.

            1. re: zEli173

              The desserts aren't really chocolate centric.

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                portions are tiny and it is overpriced, i went once and never again

              2. Thanks, all. I think we may check out Taralucci on 10th St. Unless anyone has an even better idea!!

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                  I do have one other thought. There's one great dessert at Gnocco on 10th near Av. B: The chestnut sformato with chocolate sauce. The sformato is not sweet and the chocolate sauce is. You could come just for dessert, unless they've run out of the sformato.