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Mar 10, 2007 11:42 AM

Anyone been to Engeline's in Woodside?

This Fillipino restaurant and bakery looked like it was about to open "any day now" for a long time. My Woodsider boyfriend has beens taying with me in Douglaston for almost two months while his house is going through some re-construction so I haven't been around Roosevelt Avenue lately. It must have opened by now and I am looking forward to trying it out. Anyone have any feedback?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. responding to all yr posts because obviously we're in the same hood! Finally got a menu from Engelines and it looks REALLY good and really cheap. But I know nothing about fillipino food. They're looking for a baker and the baked goods were wrapped in plastic and are probably from Krystals down the street where all the fp stuff is. They have a 20 dollar deliver min. which is tough when entrees are 5 bucks! not veg friendly at all...all the "vegetable" dishes have pork! But lots of seafood. We plan on trying it very soon. It seems to be doing well which makes me happy, I feel bad I never tried Ecua-Mex just up a block which didn't survive.

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        Ecua-Mex was pretty good for traditional Mexican/Ecuadorian food. I was sad to see it's hard to find good authentic Mexican food anywhere around Queens. I know the cart under the 61th st station has good tamales.

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          I've heard rumours that De Mole is moving, so my goal is to get them to move to the site of Ecua-Mex, so they'll be even closer to me.

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            oh really? where is it? how is the food there?

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              Sunnyside, always forget the exact address, do a search, it's written up on every other thread around here!

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                45-02 48th Ave. in Sunnyside. Formerly known as El Jarro. Food is very good to wonderful.

                "it's hard to find good authentic Mexican food anywhere around Queens"

                Huh? From Sunnyside into Woodside, and especially out through Jackson Heights and Corona is the largest concentration of Mexican population on the east coast. Plenty of places out there.

                1. re: Woodside Al

                  Thanks for the address! I'll try it and see how it is! Hopefully they deliver by me.

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                    They deliever way farther then one would expect...I'm technically in Woodside near Doughboy Park and most places on QB don't deliver to me, but De Mole does.

                    1. re: Widmark

                      wow, that's a first...i was surprised even Woodside Pizza delivers to Elmhurst...most places don't deliver unless you're just a few blocks away

        2. I had pork and vegetables in tamarind soup (Sinigang na baboy) that was very good and cheap. However, it was not what I had ordered for takeout (the beef short ribs version, sinigang na baka) and took 25 minutes (despite being told 10 minutes). The place was fairly packed several weeks ago. Most of the other diners' dishes looked good and interesting as well. I will return.

          6:30am to 10:30 pm, until midnight on Fri/Sat.
          Delivery (free) is only until 8:30pm, with a $20 minimum.

          58-28 Roosevelt Ave

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          1. re: Joe MacBu

            I tried several more dishes this week.

            The lechon kawali (deep fried pork belly chunks served with liver sauce) was excellent. Crispy exterior, tender fat and moist meat. The liver sauce on the side did nothing for me and I preferred to eat it with a spicy sauce instead.

            The miki guisado was kind of disgusting. It's a basic stir-fried noodle dish with chicken, shrimp and vegetables (I could not find the Chinese sausages listed in the description). It was too sweet, a bit watery and reminiscent of bad neighborhood Chinese food from the 80s.

            The liang consisted of taro leaves and shrimp in coconut milk. There was only 1 shrimp and the dish was overpowered by tarragon, which I was not expecting. It's not like it was not prepared well; it just wasn't to my liking. Maybe I'm an idiot and taro leaves are supposed to taste like tarragon.

            There are lots of interesting dishes on the menu, and it's probably just a matter of figuring out the hits.

          2. I ate at the restaurant. The bakery chest looked kind of gross, but the food was pretty good. I had the sauteed jackfruit with shrimp and pork. I had never tried jackfruit before, and it's not comparable to any other fruit I could think of. The dish came with a thick creamy sauce - very filling and heavy. My dining companion had chicken tinola, which was a broth with papaya chunks and pepper leaves, which was somehow blander than the ingredients would suggest.
            Not sure if we just didn't order the right things, but it wasn't great.

            1. nice place, pretty cheap, and kind of fun to go for a filipino breakfast, filled with lots of locals. we have been a couple times and our favorites are the grilled BBQ pork chops, kind of vinegary and tangy, and the chicken tamarind soup, good unique flavor. We like it because the service is very friendly and the place is spotless.