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Mar 10, 2007 11:32 AM

Any Good Restaurants in San Angelo?

We will be moving there in a few months and need to know the good places to check out. Especially interested to know if there is a Thai place. Please say yes!

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  1. Well...I've not lived there for a little over 10 years now (we were there for a short while when in college in 95-96) so things may have changed, but...

    Zetner's Daughter - steakhouse - was the best one in town when we were there. Good steaks and steak tips (my preference since I couldn't afford filet then...)

    Dixie Diner :) This one is a personal fave. In fact, dh has threatened on more than one occasion to drive to SA just to get some of their fried mushrooms... They're different. Marinated first then fried I think. But good, basic, diner food and casual atmosphere.

    China Bowl (I think that was the name???) kind of a buffet type Chinese place that had great kimchee :) That was one of dh's favorite places.

    And there is/was a great relatively authentic mexican joint downtown SA that had good, inexpensive eats as well.

    Overall, not a culinary mecca by any means, but if you're stuck there, then that's my recollections (again, remembering I've not been in many years...) Let us know what you find :)

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      LOL! I'll reply to my own reply just to let you know... The Chinese place is called "China Garden". The Dixie Diner is no more :( and the Mexican joint downtown that ChristieP mentioned, Fuentes, is the one I was thinking of. We also liked Mejor Que Nada! ( There was good "casual" food (kind of franchise-ish, chili's-like) at the mall, a place called "Cotton Patch Cafe" or something like that. And hubby remembered someplace on the river we went, but neither of us can remember it's name! Again, nothing stellar, but not terrible either. It was somewhere that was always busy and it was in the area that is/was being renovated near the old "Celebration Junction" mini-themepark... Maybe someone else will remember what I"m talking about :) I thought it might be Jabberwocky's, but really just can't remember, although it is in that same area...

      Of course you can always take a 3.5 hour drive south to San Antonio...or a shorter drive to Fredericksburg (but not much! 2.5 hours!) for good eats :)

      As far as Thai, not that I remember. There was a good Korean place though, BoBo's or something like that... But at least back then, no Thai, because I am a Thai fanatic, so I'd remember that :


      Just out of curiosity...are you being stationed there or ? My dh's dad was stationed at Goodfellow at the time, which is why we decided to go to school there just after we were married. Honestly, I really don't have fond memories of the city, but perhaps we'll visit again someday and see if we can't make some better ones now :)

    2. Same here. I was there 1990-1994 for college, but haven't been back much since 2004 when the last relative moved away.

      We always liked Mejor Que Nada for Mexican food. Their fajita nachos were a favorite! Fuentes Downtown was also very good, but it is more of a weekday lunch place.

      Ask a local about the steakhouses. Zentner's Original and Zentner's Daughter have gone back and forth being better than the other, and I don't know which is currently good.