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Mar 10, 2007 11:11 AM

Opinions On Tanqueray Rangpur

Tried some Rangpur a couple of weeks ago and was pretty impressed. Had a couple of different drinks with it. Rangpur and ginger ale with a couple of dashes of bitters and also Rangpur with Cranberry juice. My favorite was just Rangpur on the rocks.
I've had some friends over that are not big gin drinkers and definately not Tang drinkers who turned up their nose when I offered them Rangpur. After a little prodding they all tried it and they all gave it thier approval.
Just wanted to know what you all thought of it and if you had any good recipies for it.

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  1. As I wrote in a previous thread, Tanqueray has a real winner on it's hands with Rangpur.
    It's profile is completely different from the eponymous Original or T-10. I love it on the rock or even neat. I would think it might spawn a few new concoctions and certainly some variations on the usual suspects. For the moment I'm content to drink it for itself.

    1. I found it was overwhelmingly rangpur lime and that almost completely covered up the fact it is supposed to be a gin. A bit lighter use of the lime would produce a more elegant gin. But if lime is your thing then it is good. I love lime but still find it to be a bit too much.

      1. I tried it this weekend for the first time, in a few gin and tonics. It's smooth stuff; I won't make it a permanent replacement for any other gin, but it was a pleasant change.

        I will say that I'm a definite lime-lover, so it wasn't shocking that I'd like it. I'm curious to try it in a few other cocktails and see what it does.

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          Those are my sentiments exactly....a little change-up pitch. It's not going to replace my Plymouth or Hendricks but it will have a place on the bar not under it.