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Mar 10, 2007 10:50 AM

Mission or nearby this weekend - creative, fresh, filling and inexpensive


I'm in from Seattle this weekend for a blues dancing event. All our classes and dances are in the Mission area.

I've spent very little time in the Bay Area and am looking for places I shouldn't miss in the Mission District or easy/quick to get to from here with no car. Mexican places with homemade tortillas? Anything special to San Francisco? Vegetarian food?

Also looking for somewhere good I could theoretically go with a big group of hungry dancers for one of the meals, in case things work out that way.

And - one more question - I remember a chocolate shop in the Castro that sold about 3-4 flavors of ice cream or gelato and had amazing chocolate and raspberry. What is this place and is it still there? Maybe on the same block as a Different Light Bookstore?

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  1. Where in the Mission? It's a big neighborhood, can't get from one end to the other on a short lunch break. Near Metronome, it's very slim pickings.

    Take a look at the cuisines on this list and let us know which you don't have in Seattle: