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Mar 10, 2007 10:49 AM

Bennington dinnerware vs. Fiesta

We've had a set of Fiesta everyday dinnerware for more than 12 year, and I don't think we've every broken a single piece. However, it's is completely scratched up, and we're looking for a replacement set.

Fiesta has discontinued all of its neutral colors on favor of a palette of dark, intense colors that look to me to be already out of date. So, unfortunately, we can't just order up another set of Fiesta.

I've been looking at Bennington Pottery dinnerware and wondered how it would compare. We have a small kitchen (limited cabinet space) and I was concerned that the Bennington would be even more bulky than the Fiesta.

Any comments/suggestions? Or should I just buy a couple of pieces of the Bennington open stock and "play" with them?

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  1. Bennington makes beautiful classics but they are bulky.
    I made a solemn vow that I would never again buy anything that wasn't a classic, available open stock. I've been gradually switching to Apilco white porcelain which is light and much sturdier than it appears. I have a lot of Apilco and Pilluvyt bakeware and serving pieces, many that I've had more than 35 years, and I use them daily and for even formal table settings.
    I also have some Bennington agate ware that I adore. It goes well with the white porcelain for informal settings so my table doesn't get boring.
    No reason why you have to have the entire set of Bennington. Follow your instincts and buy dinner plates or bowls and mix it with white from Crate and Barrel or a restaurant supply store until you find an equilibrium that suits you.

    1. We've used Bennington for about 10 years. It does break easily for as heavy as it is....or perhaps I am just clumsy. I have so much broken Bennington, I am looking for a creative way to use it (like mosaics) rather than throwing it out.