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Mar 10, 2007 10:34 AM

Wanna Imbibe On The Beach Or At The Park & Fool The Constabulary?

No more need to use a paper bag (which is such an obvious tip off), apparently you can now purchase boxed wine, in those little individual boxes that are used to pack juice in the kids' lunch boxes:

Next thing you know, we will see a headline: "Mother Jailed For Mistakenly Packing Wine In The Kids' Lunch".

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  1. Oh! Just great! It was bad enough that I had to decide between cork and screw top! Now I have a choice of a straw! I'm so confused! I think I need a drink.

    1. If you don't live in a state where Target sells wine (thank you, New England), you can always bring red wine in single-serve plastic grape juice bottles and white wine in apple juice bottles.

      1. When we'd go to picnic gatherings in the parks in Nashville we'd just make up a Thermos jug of Greyhounds or Bloody Marys, and on more than one occasion I decanted a bottle of wine into the 1-quart Thermos. I suppose if we'd have gotten drunk and rowdy some ranger would want to come sniff at the jug, but we didn't do that. I'm sure they assume that any bunch of grownups, especially ones with all them cute furrin cars, would probably be pouring something other than iced tea from their jugs, but if you aren't being obnoxious, at least most places I've been, you'll likely not get hassled.

        1. An old standby in the summer was to take a plug out of a nice ripe "wattemelon" and stick the neck of a nice vodka in . When the bottle drained just insert the plug take to your event, slice and enjoy. Also heard variations on this theme using oranges and a syringe etc...

          1. Rules in Ohio are "no open containers in public" - you can drink in your tent, or in your camper, but you aren't supposed to have alcoholic beverages out in the parks. Usually we just pour out into a cup -- unless you're causing trouble, the rangers don't hassle you.

            Wine in a squeeze box is a nervous making idea -- how is it supposed to breathe?