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Mar 10, 2007 10:25 AM

Non-Stick Baking sheet - Ruined??

Help! My husband used one of my non-stick baking sheets to roast some peppers in the oven. He sprayed the pan with non-stick spray before he put in under the broiler. the spray that was not under the peppers baked onto the sheet and now I can't get it off! I've soaked it in hot water, used a scrubby sponge, even tried soft scrub. Is this a lost cause?

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  1. Maybe try a little Goo Gone (if you have some lying around)...?

    1. I had a similar problem, except that my roast veggies were tossed w/ olive oil before roasting and caused a similar residue. Goo-gone (as suggested above) worked well. I just washed the pan well in hot, soapy water afterwards.

      I learned my lesson and now I line the pan with aluminum foil first.

      1. We have a couple of nonstick broiler pans actually. We don't need them for much anymore, just don't cook anything that way, but of course they never seemed to be nonstick enough, so you put some oil or something on there. Well, we learned later that clearly this doesn't work on some nonstick surfaces. Oil in a nonstick pan on top of the stove seems okay, but on these with the intense heat coming from above it creates a nasty sticky material that doesn't come off.

        1. My go-to for cleaning hard to remove gunk is to soak it in water and dishwasher detergent (not dishwashing soap but the liquid that goes into your dishwasher) overnight. If that doesn't break it up, then you may need to move on to Goo Gone or something.

          I line baking sheets with foil mainly because it's easier for clean up that washing and drying baking sheets (I hate scrubbing in the corners).

          1. If none of the suggested ideas work, then maybe you can salvage by lining with foil for cooking and either a silpat or parchment paper for baking.