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Mar 10, 2007 10:13 AM

Toqué review

I tried Toqué with 3 others last night. We had the "gourmet menu", which I took to be like a tasting menu. It was yummy, but not as inventive or creative as I was expecting from what I'd heard of the restaurant. It definitely didn't live up to its own description of "each course more suprising than the last". I certainly enjoyed it, but I guess I had the impression there would be a bit more experimental stuff.

The courses:
1. salmon in paper thin potato chips
2. scallops on-the-half-shell with diced apple and apple foam (everyone's favourite dish)
3. razor clam with shitake mushrooms and potato
4. seared foie gras on potato with a number of sauces/garnishes (for the foie gras menu) and cod with mushrooms and micro greens and cod mousse (for the regular menu)
5. beef cheek ravioli
6. magret of duck with assorted vegetables and licorice infused sauce
7. some cheese from lac st-jean melted on a block of thinly-sliced apple (my s.o seems to think it was potato, but I'm certain it was apple).
8. lime/white chocolate creme brulee and a chocolate/fir mousse
9. cube of berry jelly and cube of chocolate ganache served with the tea/coffee

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  1. Sounds interesting. How was the service? I haven't been since the 'old' Toqué and I remember wonderful service. Hubby was there after me and said the service stunk. What was your experience? Prices? Wine list?

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      We didn't have wine. Service was nice with good pacing of the coures.

    2. Thanks! My girlfriend and I are eating there Saturday night and this fresh critique is very helpful.