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Mar 10, 2007 10:03 AM

Ideas for a day in the North End?

Hi, a group of us would like to spend a day in Boston's North End, probably starting with a good cup of coffee, shopping a market for some good Italian cheese to take home, a deli for some Parma prosciutto, a bakery for some take home cannolis or other pastries, and a place for a late lunch or early dinner. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. If you want a great pizza, go to Pizzerie Regina.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. The BEST place for cheese and Parma prosciutto (as well as other delectable meats, balsamic etc.) is Salumeria Italiana ( ) The BEST bakery (IMO) is Maria's ( her cannolis are to die for (!) but you also HAVE to try her chocolate dipped biscottis, tiramisu, and fresh baked bread ... who am I kidding - EVERYTHING in that bakery is to die for!!

        2 other places I highly recommend for shopping in the NE is Dairy Fresh Candies ( and

        1. cafe vittoria for a good espresso to start. then, sulmona meat market (his son is chef/owner of sage), purity cheese (they make their own ricotta and mozzarella), dairy fresh candies, polcari's, for bakeries i prefer modern pastry. salumeria italiana has a lot of imported goods as does j. pace and sons. for late lunch/early dinner antico forno is big fave on here, and i'd heartily suggest checking out neptune oyster.

          1. This is a great list. One thing to add: Michelle Topor offers a tour of the North End every Saturday. She takes you around to the bakeries, Pace, Policari's, Salumeria etc. and explains what they offer and how to use it in your cooking. It's about $40 per/p and quite entertaining. If you google her name, you'll find her website.