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Mar 10, 2007 09:42 AM


Hello there

I am coming to New York at the end of April from England, and am keen to try a restaurant that serves fondue whilst I am there. Does anyone know if the Swizz Manhattan is worth a visit please. I have seen the website and it looks reasonable, but wonder if anyone has any firsthand experience of the place.
Many thanks,

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  1. Not familiar with Swizz, but a place I do recommend for fondue is La Bonne Soupe. Lots more on the menu than just good soups, including several fondues.

    http://www.labonne soupe

    Another good spot for fondue is the Swiss restaurant Mont Blanc.

    1. If you are willing to expand your scope beyond Swiss Manhattan (sorry, I've never been there), then you should check out Artisanal on 32nd and Park Ave.

      Their fondue and cheese plates are the primary specialties, in addition to some good French bistro fare on the offerings.

      1. Dylan Prime does a cheese fondue appetizer, which is pretty good. I would avoid the trendier fondue places, like Dip over on 30th & 3rd (I think) - although, if you want to have your fondue in a bar / club like scene, then it's good for that. My absolute favorite in Manhattan is Kashkaval, a small specialty grocery store with a limited amount of seating in the back and fantastic fondue - Enjoy!

        1. Probably too late to reply as you have already been to Manhattan however, Swizz is a good Fondue choice that is close to the theatre, w/friendly and prompt service, a great housewine and a cute little outdoor courtyard with a few tables in the back.
          I have had better fondue (not in NYC) but I would go back to Swizz if I was craving Fondue again while in Manhattan.