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Can I bring my wines to JK Wine Bar?

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If the wine that I want to bring is not there in JK Wine Bar, is it possible to do?

I searched for the fine restaurants of BYOW, but couldn't find where I like.

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  1. Unfortunately, because of license, you cant bring your wine to a place that sells some.

    1. BYOW has been legal in Ontario since 2005, for restaurants that choose to take part, and I imagine that all of these are licensed and therefore also sell wine.

      According to these sites I found on Google, JKWB allows BYOW and their corkage fee is $25:



      1. Thanks, Guys....
        $25 per bottle doesn't look so bad..

        1. Actually, it's now $30.

          Not sure what Frenchie was talking about!

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            Sorry! It's illegal in Quebec, so I actually assumed - wrongly - that it was also in Ontario.

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              You could, but why would you?
              They're a wine bar, with a fantastic wine program that focuses on undercelebrated, less expensive wines.

          2. You can, for $25 corkage according to teh BYOW website (uptodate?)

            But why on earth would you want to? 90% of the fun for me at least is tasting something I'd never taste anywhere else. No ruin the trip by bringing something that I can get from LCBO?