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Mar 10, 2007 09:27 AM

Best Burger in Portland

The Saturday Wall Street Journal has a fun story about tasty burgers across the nation. The author visited Seattle and Los Angeles but skipped our PDX neighborhood. After reading that article I need a burger for lunch and so i need to put it out there--wheres the best burger in Portland?

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  1. Everyone has to try Stanich's at least once! It's not for everyone but is consistently ranked as one of the best burgers in Portland. Be warned, the special is messy and comes with everything incl. some things you might not expect such as fried egg, ham, bacon, and lots of cheese.

    1. There are a couple of reports on "upscale" burgers on
      If you're looking for ideas these will give you lots of them.

      1. I read that article today. Have to say that Red Mill in Seattle makes a pretty special burger. Come up and try it some time. With that said, I have yet to have a properly prepared McMenamens burger outside of Portland. They sure make a great burger IMO.

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        1. re: landguy

          McMenamins' burgers are horrible. Or if not horrible, completely unremarkable. Thin, frozen patty. Ugh.

          1. re: antrobin

            Depends on which McMenamin's you go to. Different McMenamin's, different owners from what I understand. I've been told that the burger at the NW one rocks. I've had a good burger at Lloyd Center. I hear Mall 205 is just okay. Went to Stanich's once and never had a desire to go back even when in the neighborhood and looking for dinner. Didn't flip my skirt up.

            1. re: duckduck

              No, all McMennamin's have common ownership.

              My main problem with some of the McMennamin's is the servic..... the only time in my life that I did not leave a tip was at one of their brewpubs.

          2. re: landguy

            I've got to say, when I visited Portland last year, the burger I had at the Kennedy School McMenamens didn't impress me at all. The "Kick your ass burger" I had at the Ash Street Saloon WAS pretty tasty though. Never came across anything that came close to the burgers that they have down here in Austin at a bar called Casino El Camino though...

          3. for non "upscale" burgers ;-)

            *Humdinger (the one on Barbur - I think there are some other Humdinger's out there but they are completely separate entities) Has an old fashionied feel, I love the ambiance They have a large menu with quite a variety burgers, a few differnet style of fries and tots availabe, I like the onion rings. The milkshakes are GREAT and they have a LONG list of flavors!

            *I agrree with FoodDawg's post about Stanich's. Almost like a portland tradiontion to eat there (2 locations one on the west on one on the east) ..

            *Giant Drive-In in Lake Oswego has a long menu, burgers were good last time I ate one a very long time ago.

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            1. re: amopdx

              where is staniches on the east side? what do you recommend?

              1. re: soilchem

                on freemont - i haven't been to the E location, only westside (near corbett) . The west side location is kind of a hole in the wall.. i don't have a rec of which location to visit but i do recommend the burger with everything on it (don't wear white)

              2. re: amopdx

                ugh unless you like your food with a side of e. coli i would avoid giant in L.O........habitual health code violators.....i think there last failing score was a 35!!!

              3. Portland does have some great burgers, and I am just heading out the door right now to get one of my favorite happy hour burgers at Oba in the pearl. $6 and it's very high quality beef and comes with delicious fries. The other burger I think is great is at Wonder Cafe, a great little place beneath the Wonder Ballroom. I really have to disagree with landguy about Rem Mill in Seattle. Those are just thin pre-made patties. Any burger you can't order "medium rare" or however you may want it, is just not a burger worth eating.

                I am hooked on the burger at Oba. Check it out.