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whats the best cappuccino in all of LA??

AdamFoodie Mar 10, 2007 09:08 AM


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    revets2 RE: AdamFoodie Mar 10, 2007 10:51 AM

    - CAFFE LUXXE, santa monica, one of the few synesso machines in LA
    - PAZZO GELATO, silverlake, if renée makes it, uses black cat intelligensia and intelligensia trained, pasquini machine
    - SABOR Y CULTURA, only made by donny, came in 14th in his 1st regional barista championship, self-trained and barefoot (santa clara) trained
    - FRITELLI'S DONUTS, BH, exclusive blend, coffee's killer too
    - COFFEE KLATCH, san dimas & rancho cucamonga, uses their own blend, especially good if their using their competition blend, owner's daughter is first woman to win World Championship in Torino, Italy
    - PEETS, i think they still do an excellent espresso, i pay extra and ask for them to grind the arabian mocha sunani, makes all the difference

    and not publicly accessible everyday, LA MILL COFFEE, has 10-15 of the most beautiful espresso machines at their corporate HQ & roasting facility. if you're nice, they might make a capp for you on one of their occasional public tours. that's the best capp i've had in L.A. they may open a branding store soon in the LA-area hopefully with marzocco machines.

    our benchmarks are SANT' EUSTACHIO, TAZZA D'ORO, BOTTLEROCK.

    have i forgotten one?

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      mandelabra RE: AdamFoodie Mar 10, 2007 11:55 AM

      Yes! I second the CAFE LUXXE nomination.

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        peanut112 RE: AdamFoodie Mar 11, 2007 11:09 PM

        Caffe Luxxe has some quality drinks being turned out, as does Sabor Y Cultura IF Donny is working (less and less it seems), and the Klatch is definitely doing a lot of R&D on green sourcing, roasting and of course turning out good baristas...that being said, I don't believe Heather is a world champion. I don't think there has ever been an American who has been a World Barista Championship champion....maybe I'm wrong..she WAS the 2003 US champion.

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        1. re: peanut112
          revets2 RE: peanut112 Mar 13, 2007 01:31 PM

          you're not wrong! i researched this and the LAT made the correction in "for the record" on 10/25/06. http://www.calendarlive.com/dining/cl...

          good catch, peanut!

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          PapaSlurp RE: AdamFoodie Mar 11, 2007 11:39 PM

          I tried the cap at Fratelli's today - I'd rate it a "not so much". Perhaps I've been conditioned but I'd choose a dry Starbucks cap over that.

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            arkestra RE: AdamFoodie Mar 12, 2007 07:20 AM

            i would add two places. first, the groundwork branch on main st., near 2nd, in downtown l.a. (next to pitfire pizza) is very good. the place has been open only about a month. groundwork hired eton, former owner of cafe organica in s.f. (one of the top places in s.f. during its short life) to help transform its espresso business. he spent a lot of time getting the new location ready and training the baristas. it shows. definitely one of the top places in town. i woudn't recommend any of the other brances for espresso drinks at this time (though i say this without have been to any in a while and knowing that eton is working to imrpove the quality at those locations).

            a second place i'd add to the list is euro caffee on little santa monica, in beverly hills (across from the sharper image). i always get a straight espresso there, so i can't speak with experience about their milk-based drinks, but i would be very surprised if they're anything but stellar.

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            1. re: arkestra
              rbw RE: arkestra Oct 25, 2007 06:51 PM

              Eton is working for LA Mill whose coffee house and cafe will be opening in November in Silver Lake....

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              yogachik RE: AdamFoodie Mar 13, 2007 02:11 PM

              Hands down, Luxe

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              1. re: yogachik
                logan RE: yogachik Jul 20, 2007 11:36 PM

                gotta agree with luxxe on this one. i've only had the coffee at the 2nd street groundworks (read about the esmeralda - it was awesome) but i have had sabor, peets, pazzo gelato, and fritelli's. obviously my own opinion, but i have found the cappuccino at cafe luxxe to be one of the best i've ever had.

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                anniemoony RE: AdamFoodie Oct 21, 2007 03:44 PM

                Today I tried PAZZO GELATO in Silver Lake and I have to say that I am glad that I did. Usually I stake out a Peets anywhere I can find one, even if it means going way out of my way in the morning for a good cap or latte. However, I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to stumble onto this website yesterday. I was so excited to try this local coffee/gelato shop in my neck of the woods, and I can honestly say that it was worth it. I cannot tell you how many times I crave good crema and perfect foam for my cappucinos and am invariably disappointed with the results. I have tried nearly every coffee shop in Silver Lake with deep dissatisfaction. PAZZO GELATO made the most beautiful and enjoyable cappucino I have had in a long while (the gelato's amazing too). It felt like I was transported to Italy. No joke.
                Thank you so much for the recommendation. Now I know where to go.

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                1. re: anniemoony
                  ristretto RE: anniemoony Oct 21, 2007 06:31 PM

                  You didn't care for Intelligentsia?

                  1. re: ristretto
                    anniemoony RE: ristretto Oct 23, 2007 11:34 AM

                    Intelligentsia is amazing!

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                  herculesmulligan RE: AdamFoodie Oct 23, 2007 07:03 PM

                  wait; wait; wait; NO ONE mentions Euro Caffe in Beverly Hills on Little Santa Monica. Could be THE best in town. Better than Luxe, and I like both of them. Great machine is the key.

                  1. Dyspepsia RE: AdamFoodie Oct 24, 2007 07:33 PM

                    So based on all the chowhound recommendations for Caffe Luxxe, I went there today. I love discovering new places to get great coffee. "Synesso Machine" or not, this wasn't one of them. The coffee was fine, not great. Frankly though, more problematic was the 'atmosphere' which made my skin crawl. This place is perfect for Montana Ave. For much better coffee and atmosphere I would recommend Susina and Le Pain Quotidien.

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                    1. re: Dyspepsia
                      mikester RE: Dyspepsia Oct 25, 2007 03:05 PM

                      If you mean not very welcoming to an "outsider", I would agree.

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