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Mar 10, 2007 08:53 AM

HELP! Do they do afternoon tea at The Modern (MOMA)??

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to treat my friend for afternoon tea... somewhere with a great atmosphere, nice service, etc.

I have ruled out Tea & Sympathy (too small and crammed), Payard, Takashimaya, Fauchon or any of the places on the Upper West Side.

Looking for a nice, sunny place that serves afternoon tea ona Sunday or Monday.

Does the restaurant at the MOMA do high tea or afternoon tea? Or should I stick to the one at The Mark or Pierre Hotel??

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Trying to stick to East Side (preferably midtown or above). Thanks!!

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  1. If the Modern doesn't serve afternoon tea, you may want to try the high tea served at the London Bar inside the London Hotel on West 54th St. It's 35 bucks per person which includes all the usual suspects in a proper English High tea. Assorted sandwiches, scones, jams and pastry etc. I am looking forward to going there to check it out myself soon. The Bar area of Gordon Ramsay's new resto is huge and carries a very Modern design that sort of reminds me of the MOMA. The service last night was pretty good and the desserts we had were all good too (we just went for coffee, tea and dessert after having dinner at Nobu 57) and the tea served were great!

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      Great info, Foodie, about London Bar! What is the name of Gordon Ramsay's new restaurant?

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        It's called Gordon Ramsay at the London. He's also responsible for the food in The London Bar.

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        Ditto on The London. They do not do high tea at The Modern.

      3. For my birthday this year, my best friend did Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons. Check it out on their website. It's quite nice.

        1. If you want high tea plus art, go the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I had a very romantic date there, and we had high tea looking out at Central Park. The portions were small, at 24 dollars a person, but it was very lovely. They were a bit bigger on sweets than sandwiches, and I was disappointed that they didn't have cucumber sandwiches, but what they had was quite delicious, and the atmosphere can't be beat. Keep in mind that you can pay what you wish at the entrance, so if you feel like you need to skip the museum entrance price before embarking on an expensive tea, you may do so.

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            Thanks to all of you!

            David: Yes, I am a fan of the little sandwiches as well. I try to take it easier on the sweets... though I dig the scones.

            Peninsula Hotel served some nice crab sandwiches and salmon too. But a bit steep at $45 a head!