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Mar 10, 2007 08:32 AM

Zest restaurant

Has anyone eaten here? We went for dinner once and breakfast once and did not enjoy either experience. I thought the food was very mediocre, the same blob of spinach and mashed potatoes was served with every entree. Many dishes were not served as described on the menu and it seemed as though it was the first day for all the waitstaff. Would love to hear any other opinions.

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  1. This board covers hundreds of square miles; people on LI aren't necessarily familiar with Rockland; ditto northern Jersey vs. Westchester; where might this restaurant be?

    1. So sorry. About 3 hours after I posted I realized I neglected to say the location. Zest is in Westport, the same owner/chef as Da Pietro's. Still would be interested in other opinions, sorry about the omission.