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Mar 10, 2007 08:23 AM

Morandi what to order?

Scored a reservation for tonight...did a search here and not much to go on. Any reccomendations?

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  1. I went last night and the room looks pretty awesome. It was packed at 10.30 last night and lots of things on the menu look great. That is about where it ends. We had the fried artichoke that was pretty underseasoned. We had the burrata which was on its on was good, but looked like it was carelessly thrown on a plate and someone said: "oh wait, maybe we should throw a couple lettuce leaves on top." We also had a few pastas, lemon one, sage and butter and the bolognese. They were very average and came out luke warm. The tartufo tasted like a bad carvel ice cream cake. Based on my experience last night, I would say the only way this place has a shot of making it is if it just becomes a scene like the rest of McNally's restaurants. I wish I could give you some better recomendations, but nothing I had was that good. My only words of wisdom would be to walk over to Babbo and find out how long the wait is for the bar if you are looking for good italian.

    1. Hi, My husband & I went last weekend and here's the pros & cons. We ordered the flatbread with gorgonzola & pears for an appetizer and it was excellent! My husband ordered the rabbit entree for dinner and said it was good not great. I ordered the gnocchi and it was very average. For dessert I would reccomend the chocolate gelato, it was amazing! Be careful, our waiter approached us and asked us if we liked prosciutto & cheese and we replied...yes. He then said, May I bring you out some? We said sure, we both assumed this was complimentary by the way it was presented to us but then saw a charge for 16.00 for the cheese & another 16.00 for the prosciutto on our bill. I'm not sure if all the waiters are trained to present it in that matter but just to give you a heads up. Enjoy your evening and report back.

      1. Thanks for the replies...I I am a little bummed since we dont get to go out for Italian that often but we usually enjoy McNallys restaurants and we will give it a shot.

        1. We went the second night they were serving and attributed the sort of mediocre food to it being new so it's disappointing that the kitchen hasn't improved. The room is fun and upbeat, very Mc Nally, but the kitchen doesn't seem to come through. Even the bolognese sauce, which is usually fine, has nutmeg in it, not to my liking. The bread didn't seem right for an Italian dipping with olive oil, the table was awkward for the server to reach, and the food was really disappointing. We had a small, dry steak - and the only tasty dish was the veal special. Let's hope they pull it together as it could be fun if the food is improved.