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Mar 10, 2007 08:17 AM

MSP: Searching for neighborhood cafe on Summer St (Spring St?) NE

I remember reading a few posts, some time last year, about a cozy neighborhood joint in NE Mpls - maybe on Spring or Summer Street. I think it was mentioned in a discussion about burgers or sandwiches or good lunch places in S. Mpls. But I don't remember the name of the place or the poster's name. So I'm having no luck finding it in the current (broken) search function.

Does this ring a bell? Can anyone help me remember what this place is called? My husband is asking about places to try for lunch, and this place would be a good candidate.


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  1. Spring Street Tavern?

    It's comfy, neighborhoody, good bar food (get anything with bacon, they get their's from...butcher unknown but its good) and cheap beer.

    Plus, a good patio in the summer for people-watching and a halfway decent jukebox the plays music outside. From the patio you can see whan I think is the only other bar on Spring: The Moose...but I don't think you want to go here.

    We live a block away and are at the Springer most weekends for brunch.

    Be warned however...the place is pretty divey, and the occasional unsavory conversation can be heard...probably coming from our booth.

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      Yep, that's it - thanks! Armed with the "Springer" nickname, I was able to find the thread that was lurking in my memory.


    2. Spring Street. It seems to me that when I was in college 15yrs ago there was a little Italian Market called DelMonico's run by an nice old man and his son. I am sure it is not there anymore but it was great. As a poor rural kid it was the place I bought my first bottle of Balsamic Vinegar (Duke's still my favorite $4 brand) The owner gave out all kids of samples and stuff. I am sure it's not there anymore but it seems to be erased from memory. Does anyone else know what happened to it?

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        Delmonico's is still there. I love it. It's an absolute treasure. Do yourself a favor and make a trip there soon! They have great prosciutto and other cured meats, as well as homemade pasta (yum!) and sauce, and meatballs (double yum!)

        They also make sandwiches as big as your head.

        1. re: Mill City Modern

          Mmmm Delmonicos. We go there after playing bocce and horseshoes in the park there. Fun place.

      2. Ok I just googled it. (Most cool people do that before they post) and Delmonico's apparently still exists! Make this question into a plug and call me a loser. I'll be going there tomorrow.

        1. Get there early; I think they close at 5 or 6.

          1. I can't believe that I forgot about Delmonico's! It's even harder to believe that I've never been there. Thanks for the reminder. I'll send hubby there for lunch, and then he'll be sure to drag me there on the weekend.