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Mar 10, 2007 08:06 AM

Milwaukee Pork Tenderloin Sandwich?

My next pursuit will take me to Milwaukee and I am looking for a breaded pork tenderloin sandwich other than the Machine Shed in Pewaukee or a Culver's. In my pursuits I have been pleasantly surprised in MSP, Dallas, Houston and KC when there were apparently no opportunities. Milwaukee presents a challenge. Googling does not turn up anything and historically I have found a good breaded pork tenderloin sandwich is off the Internet radar screen. So, are there any local bars/grills/restaurants in the Milwaukee area that serves a worthy breaded pork tenderloin sandwich?

March 15 is my deadline for knowing.

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    1. re: Davydd

      I'm glad you could find some place. I had been checking your post to see if anyone had any ideas. I couldn't come up with a single place that would have this, or would have made it for you. Johnny V. hasn't managed open and keep open as many restaurants as he has without the kind of service that you mention. While brats are good, I'm glad you could follow 'the dream' so to speak.