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Mar 10, 2007 08:01 AM

Breakfast Near 3rd St. Prom?

Any good recs here..within walking distance?

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  1. I like Le Pain Quotidien for breakfast, or if I'm homesick/hungover a full English breakfast at the King's Head.

    1. Jinky's on Second Street, just north of Broadway. Best breakfasts in Santa Monica IMHO.

      Broadway Deli, on the Promenade at Broadway, isn't bad either.

      1. Broadway is decent enough, but the service can be very very slow. Good french toast at Broadway.

        1. I like Jack n' Jill's on Santa Monica Blvd around 4th. I also like the crepe place at the end of the promenade near the mall.

          1. the crepe place on 3rd st is good.