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Looking for crawfish in Houston

Has anyone had any good sized boiled crawfish yet? I hate wasting time to go to a place and find out that the "bugs" are too small for the effort. Last year they were awfully small at most places but Pappadeaux had the smallest.

Also, does anyone know a good place to buy live crawfish? Hopefully close to the Inner Loop. Has anyone ever bought them at Fiesta?

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  1. I'm no crawfish connoisseur but some of my friends are quite big fans of them and we always head to the Ragin Cajun at 4302 Richmond. I liked the atmosphere of the place, and those suckers were big enough for me.

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      I had some crawfish at Ragin Cajun earlier this season and was not too impressed. They were not too big and kind of mushy. I can't remember exactly where I read this (maybe Robb Walsh), but I remember reading something a few years ago about how we should all expect declining crawfish sizes because they have started exporting the biggest ones to Europe to be sold as Langostinos (or small lobsters) for much higher prices. Ahh globalization!

    2. Have you been this year? It changes from year to year, and I'm hoping this is a GOOD year - not like last one.

      1. I like the crawfish at Big Woodrows on Chimney Rock. KC's on Fountain View were really good the year before last but I haven't been this year.

        1. I think I remember reading that this was supposed to be a good year for crawfish but I could be hallucinating.

          1. Best crawfish in Houston is called Crawfish and Beignets in the Hong Kong Mall off Bellaire. Its worth the drive. I had them 3 weeks ago and they varied in size. I think they might be a bit bigger now.

            1. Woodrows are pretty good sized and tasty! I have been wanting to try the crawfish at Manolia Bar and Grill on Richmond but haven't gotten over there yet.

              1. We always get our crawfish at Fiesta! We buy them in the big sacks, and they've always been good (though a little small last year).

                1. Magnolia and Hong Kong Mall usually have good crawfish.

                  1. The best deal that we found in DFW so far has been a Pappadeaux, they have bugs for $2.95 a lb on Monday & Tuesdays. We went last night and had a mix of a few small, but mostly larger ones and it's a good bang for the buck.

                    1. I agree with the posters about Hong Kong Mall off of Boone Rd. and Bellaire Blvd. There are several good crawfish shops there. There's also Cajun Corner off of Bellaire and Kirkwood. These are all Vietnamese run shops. I would be willing to bet most of them are family run places and probably have their own boats in Louisiana.

                      1. Are the crawfish at Vietnamese shops like the cajun version (i.e. Floyd's) and spicy with potatoes and corn? That is on the opposite end of Houston from me, but if it's really that good . . .

                        Last year we ended up going top SRO's Sports Bar & Grill (NW Mall). They consistently had the largest and they came in different heat levels. Great with Texas toast to sop up the drippings with! Yum! I also had tried Mardi Gras (that used to be Floyd's) but they were dissappointing. Pappadeaux had the worst, but I did like the butter sauce they served with them . . . I think that was them.

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                          Yes, they are just like the Cajun version. You'd be surprised. Vietnamese have long ago "adopted" Cajun food in the Gulf Coast area because the common flavor profiles of the two cuisines often mirror each other: a combination of salty, sour, and spicy in one amalgam of culinary goodness. In addition, the Vietnamese population in Louisiana is strong, but many of them resettled in Houston after Katrina since Houston has a large Vietnamese community to support them culturally.

                        2. Yes, Pappadeaux's is the one with the butter sauce. :-) I like them ok but mainly because of the sauce. We go to Mardi Gras quite a bit because it is by my house but I don't think they are as good as Woodrow's. I heard SRO is good but it is a good ways from my house. I also heard Sam's Boat on Richmond and the place next door has good ones too.

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                            Mocity - If Mardi Gras is close then Northwest mall isn't much further. It's in the 610 and 18th St. area. They have many other good food items as well - and I don't go there for the sports! Unless it's baseball.

                          2. Thanks danhole........... I was thinking of the original SRO on the Northside. Wow, this one is close... crawfish are good? How is the crowd? Are there pool tables or shuffle board?

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                              Yes the crawfish are very good and they have pool tables, games, tons of tv's, good bar, very large place. I used to go at lunch with a friend, but I have been there in the evening too. Needless to say it is less crowded at lunch. Here's a link:


                            2. Wouldn't recommend Mardi Gras for boiled crawfish right now (this is the old Floyd's on Durham). They weren't well-cleaned - there was grass in the bucket of crawish, the majority were small but the flavor was good. The corn and potatoes were OK, nothing great. Maybe try later in the season....the Front Porch Pub in Midtown had great crawfish last year but haven't been this year, yet.

                              1. Repka's is not literally in Houston, but close enough for a great drive in the country: It's lots of fun, especially during crawfish season.


                                1. I watched a couple of women eating crawfish at Jimmy Wilson's the other night. They looked like they knew what they were doing, and they looked like they were enjoying themselves immensely.

                                  I had the golden tile which was great. Husband had the stuffed shrimp & stuffed crab platter, and he liked them. I'm still gettting used to the Houston custom of charging extra for sauce on seafood, but I think Jimmy Wilson's is on the way to becoming a favorite in our new home town.

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                                    Has anyone tried the crawfish at Vito's? Someone here at work suggested them. Off Richmond close to Chimney Rock............

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                                      I went to SRO's 2 weeks ago and had some tasty crawfish, but they were 75% medium sized, and 25% small. But they were still good.

                                      Then last weekend I went out to Floyd's Cajun Seafood on 1960. They were much larger, but they tossed in a bunch of really tiny ones as well (about 15%). The crawfish was good, but they charge you extra for the potatoes and corn and that doesn't seem right.

                                      Next stop will be Goode Co, Seafood. I'll let you know!

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                                        Have you tried Woodrows on Chimney Rock? I went the other night and most were pretty large......... Let me know how Goode Co is!

                                  2. Most of the places out here seem to want to boil crawfish in plain water and then dump tony's on top of them and call it boiled crawfish. This is a big dissapointment for me, as I am from New Orleans and actually like my crawfish boiled in seasoned water!! So the crawfish actually soak up the seasoning, not just have tony's all over the shell!

                                    We went to Razoo's once which was OK. Good Ole Boys in Katy is half-way decent. Most of the other places mentioned on this board we have been too and we were not at all impressed!

                                    Anyone have any suggestions on places in Houston where I can buy 150-200 pounds of live Louisiana crawfish? I'm having a crawfish boil in a couple of weeks at my home.

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                                      Most places I've been to boil the crawfish in seasoned water. You've tried Cajun Corner and the other Viet places in Hong Kong Mall on Bellaire and Boone, all of which are in Southwest Houston in the new Chinatown areas??? There's also Seafood Shoppe in the Westchase district that I used to eat at when I lived in Houston, and they were quite tasty. That was years ago though, but they are still there.

                                      You might try the seafood department at any of the Vietnamese markets in town for live crawfish. Crawfish is very commonly eaten by Vietnamese people and you'll even find them at some Asian buffets. There's a Viet guy who has a seafood restaurant that's always hopping on the corner of Hwy 6 and Bellaire Blvd. I think his family has a boat in Louisiana and they catch all their seafood themselves. The restaurant is called Fresh Catch Seafood. He might be willing to work something out with you in regards to live crawfish if you give him a call. It's a family run place.

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                                        If you go to the Chronicle website and put live crawfish into the search it will give you an ad for live louisiana crawfish for $1.09 a lb. The ad in the paper says they are med/large.

                                        If you get the thursday paper, in the preview section they have another ad for the same thing, but more expensive. I'm telling you this because they offer jumbo for $1.75 a lb. They have a number listed for local sales. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it, but I found a link to send you to: http://www.2coolfishing.net/ttmbforum.... Go to the 7th post down, from crawdaddy. It's named Cajun Gourmet.

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                                          It's a little late for this season, but for the best quality and price next year for all seafood is Boyd's One Stop located on the Texas City Dike. You can check their website for prices and order on line to reserve. It is well worth the trip and the people are very friendly there.

                                        2. It ain't exactly H-Town per se, but if you're up for the drive, Dixie's Bayou Victuals in Conroe has some good bugs (and gumbo). Call 'em before you motor up there with the latest Brian Jack CD in the changer! Bon fete mes amis!

                                          1. I have seen this website before, but you have to order 100 lbs! That's a lot of crawfish! My DH , youngest daughter and her husband won't touch them. That leave my oldest daughter and her BF, so out of the three of us, we can pack 'em away, but not that much!

                                            A couple years ago we got some at Fiesta that were pretty good, and had a boil. We had chicken wings for the squeamish. It was really a lot of fun and at the end of the evening we had a surprise in the sink. After rinsing them, and draining, we boiled them with potatoes and corn. Then after we ate we put the discards in the disposal (or the potatoes) and ran it. A beer or two later I looked in the sink and found a very angry mudbug waving his claws at me! I don't know how he survived, but he was in one piece, and not too happy. My grandson wanted to keep him as a pet, but we took him across the street and put him in the bayou!

                                            1. O'Cajcen Seafood in Pearland was voted best crawfish in Houston by Citysearch.com. They are a small Cajun restaurant in Pearland but they sell a ton of crawfish. The best I've had since New Orleans. Seasoning all the way through to the meat, not just sprinkled on the outside. here's a link http://www.cajcen-kitchen.com

                                              1. Not that I am in expert in where things are in Houston and I am sure there might be places that are closer but I found this place on Google when I was looking at Crawfish - Beamont, TX. They seem to have a good product and they "purge" their crawfish to clean them before sacking them. I am not sure about prices but it sure looks closer drive from Houston than Dallas!! Located in Hamshire, Texas just off I-10 before the Beaumont area.


                                                1. If you like "Spicy" crawfish, Blue Water on 1960 is the BEST!! I order mine extra spicy but even the regular ones are pretty hot. Twice I have seen people order extra spicy and then send them back because they were too hot. They are also the biggest I have had so far and the cheapest. Usually around $3.25 or $3.50 per pound. Last year Babin's was also good but they haven't been consistent this year.

                                                  1. I eat my crawfish from a place called Zydeclaws (Humble area). THEY ROCK!!! The spice was best I every had. Try them...you'll be glad you did. 281-812-3090...number 2 on my speed dial!!! I think they have a website.

                                                    Fiesta...crawfish will ALWAYS be small and smell fishy...get live at Zydeclaws also.

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                                                      I don't know about the size of the crawfish or quality but I called around and got pricing:
                                                      Mardi Gras $6.99 $4.99 Tues
                                                      Front Porch Pub only avail. Wed and Sun $3.75
                                                      SRO's Northline Mall $4.99
                                                      The Wet Spot $5.99
                                                      Carlos' Beer Garden All you can eat $15.00

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                                                        Actually the SRO's is in NW mall not Northline mall. Very good, But call first to see how big they are.

                                                    2. I'm looking for good "All You Can Eat Crawfish" spots. I only know of one and its every Sunday at Brewski's on 1960 & 290. It hasn't started yet though. Any others out there?

                                                      1. We just got back from a Crawfish taste test at the two food court store fronts selling boiled live crawfish at Hong Kong Mall off Bellaire: Crawfish & Beignets and Blue Bayou. Optimal Crawfish season won’t start for a few more weeks but we were not disappointed with our meal at either location. C&B is far more popular than Blue Bayou but I’m not sure why. Both places serve the crawfish in plastic bags with a roll of plastic for your table top and a bunch of paper towels. Blue Bayou also sells crabs for $5.49 lb. The Hong Kong food court is a busy place on the weekend with lots of good people watching, which is great when you are taking on such a time consuming food. Before the meal, I would recommend stopping in at one of the mall’s bakeries to buy French bread rolls to sop up juices.

                                                        Price: Both $5.49 lb (Blue Bayou offers buy 5lbs get one free)
                                                        Size: Another tie. The bag was split 1/3 large, 1/3 medium, and 1/3 dinky.
                                                        Condiments: Serve yourself salt/pepper, lime, cocktail sauce, ketchup, hot sauce, mayo
                                                        Freshness: I thought Blue Bayou had a slight lead with a little firmer meat but they were both close.
                                                        Sides: Both have corn and potatoes for $0.50. You can also get Cajun fries at Blue Bayou. Canned beer for $1.50/$2 and sodas for $0.99.
                                                        Flavors: C&B just sells mild or spicy Cajun flavor. We ordered spicy. I thought the spice level was spot on. My husband who is still learning to appreciate spicy food was sweating and blowing his nose, but still had no problem eating them. Blue Bayou offers spicy or garlic butter. We tried the garlic butter. They were not spicy but still quite tasty. I would like to try Blue Bayou’s spicy crawfish but was too stuffed this trip.

                                                        Crawfish & Beignets
                                                        11201 Bellaire Blvd Ste A-05, Houston, TX 77072

                                                        Blue Bayou
                                                        11201 Bellaire Blvd Ste A-06, Houston, TX 77072

                                                        1. We went to The Boiling Crab lastnight - Beechnut and Beltway in front of Viet Hoa...talk about YUMMY! The line was hella long on a rainy Wed, but we stuck it out and I'm so glad we did. The special seasonings they let you choose are awesome :) We chose the "whole shabang" cajun spice, garlic butter and lemon pepper all in one at the medium level. Talk about messy, but who cares when it tasts that good right?? We ordered crawfish, king crab and oysters.. Definitely found our new seafood spot!

                                                          Boiling Crab
                                                          8300 W Sam Houston Pkwy S Ste 268, Houston, TX 77072

                                                          1. I am new in town and saw Crawfish available at Scott Gertner's SportsBar Live and went in and tried them out. Awesome deal Thurs, Sat and Sun 3 lbs with the corn and potatoes was only $12.00 and the taste was wonderful. I think I may have to go back Sunday and get some more.
                                                            It was easy to find and the people there were really friendly and the drinks were great.

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                                                              That is a good deal but I've quit eating them at restaurants. I'm getting ready to start my water now for the 5 1/2 pounds I just bought at HEB for 1.89 a pound. More than half the price plus anything you drink with it, be it wine, beer, or coke, is much more inexpensive. I've gone cheap lately.

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                                                                Im a huge crawfish eater and love the crawfish season. Check out this company, www.TheCrawfishCompany.com and click on live crawfish. They have 2 sizes, med/large and large/select/jumbo mix. We always get a few sacks of the med/large purged and one or two of the large jumbo mix unpurged, and they are great...They are the cleanest bugs I have ever seen.....and the size is nice to and they deliver! The Crawfish Company rocks!

                                                            2. I just had a boil two weeks ago. I ended up getting 100 lbs at the Market in Hong Kong Mall for .99/lb. They were decent sized and not too dirty, but there were lots of dead guys. It took me almost an hour to pick them all out and I ended up throwing away 10+ lbs. But the rest were fine and reasonably sized.

                                                              I called Rose's (in Seabrooke) where they were 1.49/lb for regular and 1.79/lb for "select", but then decided I didn't want to drive that far. I also called some of the places that wholesale (cajun crawfish and one other place) that were recommended by people on the internet, but they all required you to order several days in advance.

                                                              Just in case anyone was curious, the boil went well. I used Zatarain's Pro-Boil, but should have bought more than 1 giant jug as by the third batch they were not very spicy anymore. I did try two new (to me) things, that were both great.

                                                              The first was I peeled a bunch (12 heads) of garlic and boiled it with the spices. When it was soft I took it and blended it with a pound of melted butter and made really awesome crawfish flavored garlic bread. The market in the Hong Kong Mall has good french bread for 1.25/baugette.

                                                              The second thing was that I added artichokes to the boil. They took about twice as long as the crawfish and they were really good.

                                                              Hong Kong's Cafe
                                                              1632 S Mason Rd, Katy, TX 77450

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                                                                I don't eat eggs but my sister adds whole eggs to her crawfish boil and they love them. I like mushrooms added plus the new potatoes and corn.

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                                                                  HEB has them for 99 cents a pound in 30 to 40 pound bags, and now 1.29 loose. The size had gon down the last two weeks, but I never have problems with dead ones. This is the Bunker Hill/ I-10 location.

                                                                2. The best crawfish with the best prices are served at The Hideaway on Dunvale (3122 Dunvale). Steve-O and his crew know how to do them up right!!! They are always fresh and perfect in size and seasoning. You can get a pound for $4 (comes with corn and potato). On Wednesdays, they have a Honky Tonk Happy Hour and you can get 3 lbs. for $10.50 or 5 for $17 along with Shiner for $2. YOU WILL NOT BE DISPAPPOINTED.

                                                                  1. I absolutely love crawfish. I prob eat it about 3 times a month while it's in season. I've been to a lot of the places on Bellaire & I've even been to Rajun Cajun & Pappadeaux. I find the places on Bellaire full of flavor and spicy. Rajun Cajun and Pappadeaux's crawfish are always small & bland. If I am lazy to drive, I'll go to Rajun Cajun only because it's like 5 minutes away from where I live.
                                                                    The BEST place to get crawfish would have to be The Boiling Crab. The Shebang seasoning is the BEST ever. Usually there is a 1 hour wait, but it's WORTH it. It's also kind of expensive, but their price lives up to their flavor. THE WORST place I've ever been, would probably have to be Jolynns - which if off Beechnut & Boone. THat place is TERRIBLE, full of cockaroaches, not to mention the unorganized waiters and staff. The service is horrible & the crawfish is expensive as hell for no reason. You can get better stuff from Hong Kong for much less and better seasoning. Hong Kong Mall off Bellaire, usually gives you top quality crawfish and it's quick. There's no 1 hour wait. Plus, there are so many different food places there. You can get a bubble tea (tapioca) or a vietnamese sandwich to eat with your crawfish.

                                                                    Boiling Crab
                                                                    8300 W Sam Houston Pkwy S Ste 268, Houston, TX 77072

                                                                    Hong Kong's Cafe
                                                                    1632 S Mason Rd, Katy, TX 77450

                                                                    7110 Fm 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77069

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                                                                      Don't know if you ever make it out Katy way, but if so, you might give Orleans Seafood Kitchen a try. I think theirs are outstanding. Especially love the crawfish ettouffee.

                                                                      Orleans Seafood Kitchen
                                                                      20940 Katy Fwy, Katy, TX 77449

                                                                    2. Not in Houston, but up in Spring on Louetta Rd. Hebert's Hot Tails. They are from Lake Charles, LA. The best I've had in Houston, as they know how to do 'em right, and the crawfish are from Louisiana. Little Drive thru, athough I heard they may be getting some tables....also, they do sell lives ones. They sell out every weekend. http://www.hebertshottails.com/