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Mar 10, 2007 07:47 AM

Looking for crawfish in Houston

Has anyone had any good sized boiled crawfish yet? I hate wasting time to go to a place and find out that the "bugs" are too small for the effort. Last year they were awfully small at most places but Pappadeaux had the smallest.

Also, does anyone know a good place to buy live crawfish? Hopefully close to the Inner Loop. Has anyone ever bought them at Fiesta?

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  1. I'm no crawfish connoisseur but some of my friends are quite big fans of them and we always head to the Ragin Cajun at 4302 Richmond. I liked the atmosphere of the place, and those suckers were big enough for me.

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      I had some crawfish at Ragin Cajun earlier this season and was not too impressed. They were not too big and kind of mushy. I can't remember exactly where I read this (maybe Robb Walsh), but I remember reading something a few years ago about how we should all expect declining crawfish sizes because they have started exporting the biggest ones to Europe to be sold as Langostinos (or small lobsters) for much higher prices. Ahh globalization!

    2. Have you been this year? It changes from year to year, and I'm hoping this is a GOOD year - not like last one.

      1. I like the crawfish at Big Woodrows on Chimney Rock. KC's on Fountain View were really good the year before last but I haven't been this year.

        1. I think I remember reading that this was supposed to be a good year for crawfish but I could be hallucinating.

          1. Best crawfish in Houston is called Crawfish and Beignets in the Hong Kong Mall off Bellaire. Its worth the drive. I had them 3 weeks ago and they varied in size. I think they might be a bit bigger now.