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Mar 10, 2007 07:46 AM

chocolate volcano cakes

we're having a children's birthday party and instead of the ususal cake or ice cream cake, we wanted toget those individual volcano cakes" chocolate cup cake size with something like a ganache in the middle. you heat them briefly and serve them warm and the ganache oozes out.

have gone to sussina's in the past they are great but does anyone else have any other bakery suggestions?


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  1. You can buy them at Bristol Farm. It kind like upscale supermarket. I had them before and it is very good. It cost around $4.50 each. They also have a lot of individual deserts.

    1. If interested in making them/finish preparing, trader joes has them at their frozen section, they come in a pack I think of four or 2 individual sizes, they just have to be heated before serving for that special volcano effect.

      1. thanks for the tips. any other bakeries have them?

        1. beard papa's which has several locations makes individual volcano cakes and they're quite good and a decent value. susina probably uses better chocolate, though. locations in the southland include: hollywood/highland, west l.a. (sawtelle), and gardena. further east, there's monterey park, puente hills mall, arcadia, and san gabriel.

          the cream puffs are pretty good too!

          good luck!

          1. The Alcove in Los Feliz usually has those volcano cakes alongside their other desserts.