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Brooklyn Sushi place with nice atmoshere for bday dinner

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I've heard great things about Taro, but does it have a nice/festive vibe? I'm in Cobble Hill and would be happy to go to Park Slope too. TIA

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  1. Although the sushi is great, it doesn't really have a festive vibe. The room is small and pretty plain. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing that really provides the ambience you're looking for.

    1. While I'm a huge Taro fan, the atmosphere isn't what you're looking for.
      Last night we ate at Cube 63, the fish was excellent and ambiance was significantly more festive.

      1. You could consider Blue Ribbon Sushi in Park Slope. I think Taro is a better value for the money, but its not a very nice space. Blue Ribbon Sushi is very good, though a bit expensive for the quality - but for a special occassion it may be worth it.

        1. I think Ki Sushi on Smith Street (Dean/Pacific) is lovely--definitely a place that lends itself to a special occasion. We've always been happy with the food and service as well.

          1. what about Nouvelle, in Bay Ridge? never been but others have recommended.

            1. I have had far better meals ate Nouvelle than at any of the Park Slope restaurants. They have downstairs room ( and a backyard). Worth the trip...

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                I hate to be a spoilsport, but I don't think Nouvelle is a good pick for this poster. Since the reopening I've only sat upstairs, and I really *don't* like the atmosphere. Claustrophobic, music is too loud (and bad), staff is a little oblivious...ultimately it is "too Bay Ridge" for me.

                I do think Blue Ribbon Sushi is a nice room, good fun if you don't mind spending some money.

              2. For atmosphere and quality sushi, Blue Ribbon Sushi on Fifth Ave. They have a very beautiful and impressive omakase that would be fabulous for a birthday celebration.

                For everyday: high quality sushi when ambience doesn't matter, Taro.

                For a groovy fun place with a cocktail bar and tasty inventive rolls sushi and other stuff, Nana on Fifth Ave is fun. The roti canai there is delicious. It a great place for a group.

                Tamari (on Fifth Ave near Union) has a high quality but small selection, and is also kind of fun for a small group in a loungey setting. The food is slow coming out 'cause one guy is practically doing it all by himself, good for hanging out.

                1. I second Ki Sushi - their sushi/sashimi is always amazingly fresh and their rolls are inventive and delicious. Plus, the decor is pretty cool for the neighborhood. Minimal with dark wood, candles. A lot of fun for a group/celebration. One of the few places in the neighborhood I really enjoy.