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Mar 10, 2007 06:02 AM

ideas for a kid-free dinner out in brooklyn?

my husband and are planning an all-too-rare kid-free dinner out next weekend and i am currently mulling over the following options: tempo, 360, olea, a bistro, grocery, saul--we are open to other ideas as well, but do not want to go to the good fork, applewood, stone park, rosewater, convivium osteria, or al di la. we will probably go out on the early side due to childcare considerations and would like to go somewhere that is "decidedly adult." we are willing to travel anywhere in brooklyn and are open to all cuisines but want it to be a special occasion type place. any opinions on the restaurants i mentioned? any other suggestions? thanks!

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  1. Well then, of the one's you are willing to try, I would say SAUL without question. Saul has received a Michelin star for the past two years for good reason - he consistently turns some of the best food in NYC. The restaurant itself is dimly lit and intimate and "decidedly adult."

    1. Yes to Tempo and Saul. They are decidely "adult" as is the Garden Café. Grocery and 360 are a little noiser with closely spaced tables, more in line with the high quality restaurants you rejected (al di la, convivium, etc.) as not meeting your criteria.

      1. just to clarify my original post, it is not that the restaurants i'm not interested in "do not meet my criteria," but rather that i've tried them all. this opportunity to dine out as a couple comes along so infrequently that i always like to try somewhere new when i can. sorry if that wasn't clear.

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          OK, then 360 and the Grocery are fine too. Also consider Henry's End and Ici. Still, Saul, Tempo and Garden Café are the most "adult".

        2. I would third Tempo. Especially if you're going on the earlier side. You'll get a great table and have an intersting, delicious and decidedly "adult" meal. Plus - do it before next week when it's restaurant week and all choas breaks loose.