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Mar 10, 2007 05:50 AM

Best Sticky Buns in NYC

I've been obsessed with finding a great sticky bun here in the city. So far, my favorites have been Balthazar's, which is crisply caramelized, and the Cucina and Co, in Rockefeller Center, which has a softer texture and delicious gooey topping. Anyone have a favorite to recommend?

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  1. Thats easy william greenbergs bakery

    1. Amy's makes addictive ones. My only complaint is that the non-sticky part is too big, but that's nothing a quick circumcision with a bred knife won't cure.

      1. so glad you posted this, I also posted the same question in the Manhattan board. Don't know how to link it, but check it out if you can.

        1. Cucina and Co. Sticky Buns cannot be beat!