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Norwegian Potato Salad

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I grew up in Brooklyn on 8th avenue and 47th street. There was a large Norwegian immigrant population there at the time and several Norwegian Deli's one of which was on 8th avenue and 50 something street(can't recall exactly). These Deli's served a potato salad that eatured just thin sliced potatos in a thin creamy dressing and seemingly nothing more save for parsley garnish and whatever spices were in it. I now live in Chicago-land and over the past twenty something years I have met quite a few Norwegians and none have been able to provide me with any help in recreating this recipe. Is there ANYONE back in my hometown who can help me out? I would be forever grateful.

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  1. I was born in Brooklyn a long time ago and I would visit my mother who lived near Owls Head Park. There was a Norwegian deli on the corner which had great poltato salad and I have been try all sorts of receipies to duplicate their potato salad, without success. If you ever do find out, would you please let me know.

    Alex in Colrado