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Mar 10, 2007 05:46 AM

Norwegian Potato Salad

I grew up in Brooklyn on 8th avenue and 47th street. There was a large Norwegian immigrant population there at the time and several Norwegian Deli's one of which was on 8th avenue and 50 something street(can't recall exactly). These Deli's served a potato salad that eatured just thin sliced potatos in a thin creamy dressing and seemingly nothing more save for parsley garnish and whatever spices were in it. I now live in Chicago-land and over the past twenty something years I have met quite a few Norwegians and none have been able to provide me with any help in recreating this recipe. Is there ANYONE back in my hometown who can help me out? I would be forever grateful.

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  1. I was born in Brooklyn a long time ago and I would visit my mother who lived near Owls Head Park. There was a Norwegian deli on the corner which had great poltato salad and I have been try all sorts of receipies to duplicate their potato salad, without success. If you ever do find out, would you please let me know.

    Alex in Colrado

    1. I grew up in Jackson Heights,Queens( 1940 - 1960's) and we had a great Norwegian Deli. Their potato salad was out of this world! It was vinegar based, thin sliced potatoes and my father's go to side dish almost every Sunday evening. I have looked and looked for fifty years to find this salad or a recipe without success.

      Can anybody help?

      The Deli was at 83rd St and 37th Ave, Jackson Heights. The demographics of the neighborhood have changed, the Norwegians are long gone and my last hope is a public plea to anyone who may remember this type of salad.

      I now live in South Carolina and mayonnaise loaded potatoes don't make the cut.

      Looking at other postings, I wonder if this salad was produced and distributed by a NYC supplier to neighborhood Deli's!


        This purports to be a Norwegian warm potato salad. You could skip the cheese topping. It looks to be vinegar based. It is kind of interesting, actually.

        1. I speak a little norwegian. Google norsk potetsalat and it will bring up a lot of recipes. Be sure to click on translate page to the right of each link. I'm on a wireless so can't paste them over for you.