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German food in the Triangle

I haven't had good German in ages and haven't heard much buzz about it since moving to the Raleigh area a couple of years ago. Anybody got a good recommendation?

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  1. You must've turned off yr buzz-dar around the time J. Betski's opened: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/345966

    It's a *great* restaurant: comfortable, confidently high-quality without being at all stuffy or pretentious, and the food is outstanding. They seem to be able to please the authenticity-seekers and the high-end-food snobs at the same time, which isn't something I would've expected to be able to say about a German/Polish restaurant in Raleigh NC. I've been recommending it to everybody I know who asks about good food in Raleigh, regardless of whether they've shown an interest in German food in the past.

    1. The Bavarian Brathaus in Carthage serves German food, I was there several months ago. The sauerbraten was good, but I'll probably try something else when I go back.

      Take 15/501 south out of Sanford. The Brathaus will be on your left as you get to Carthage,


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        I came accross the Bavarian Brathaus also several months ago, could not belive my eyes upon seeing it and had to stop for lunch. The food was rather good and would like to go back if it was not so far away.

      2. Not only is J. Betski's a great place to get German/Polish food, but it's probably one of the best restaurants in the Triangle across all genres. I can't recommend this place enough.


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          Agree wholeheartedly with mikeh. These guys are crushing. Wine list, food, room, prices, service-- I have been really pleased every time I've gone.

        2. They make their own pierogi; what can I say? if I had a car I would be there like the wind...good pierogi means good spaetzle,
          I would run to Betski's

          1. this is a review for j. betski
            I ate at this restaurant about a month ago. When I received a "kraut"side for the duck sausage that was raw cabbage, the waiter told me that they had two types of sauerkraut, and one of them was raw, unbrined cabbage......? Sorry I, lived in Europe for 15 years and my grandparents from Slovakia made sauerkraut, and it is not raw cabbage. He asked would I prefer the sauerkraut that our friend had, and I said yes. He delivered it, but then proceeded to charge me for it? Also not very happy to serve us a glass of wine at 5:15 when they opened at 5:30, we volunteered to carry our wine outside ourselves, which was the only way to get a drink. If you want real German food, go to the Brathaus in Cary, or Clara's in Cary for Czech cuisine with real home made dumplings and goose.

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              I think the Brathouse is terrible. Clara's is pretty good as long as you avoid the bread dumplings. People rave about J. Betski's but I'm not a big sausage person and haven't been too impressed both times I went.

              I crave a real Weiner Schnitzel (with Veal) and no one has delivered yet.

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                Am I reading this correctly?
                They open at 5:30, and you are upset that they won't serve you a glass of wine at 5:15?
                You must be special!

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                  I was wondering the same thing. You're lucky they let them in the door before 5:30. As for the raw cabbage, was it just cold? Or, do you literally mean raw cabbage. If it's the former, it's not uncommon for it to be cold. It can be made by fermentation and just keeping it in a jar for a few weeks.

                  I've been to J. Betski's at least a dozen times. I've always enjoyed it, the service, and the beer and wine selection quite a lot. I think the place is great.

              2. Been to J. Betski's and I like it a lot, just a bit heavy for my tastes. I've heard some mixed reviews on Bavarian Brathaus and would like to hit Klara's sometime soon. One other new option is Edelweiss out in Raleigh's City Market on Blake St. Newish bakery/cafe with some decent basic German food. I admit I'm a novice in this cuisine so take it fwiw...


                Bavarian Brathaus
                1907 Bragg St, Sanford, NC 27330

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                  Thanks for the heads up on Edelweiss - we'll have to try that. My husband is on the lookout for a good basic German place - I've taken him to J. Betski's, and while it was very, very good, it's too upscale - what he really wants is just a good basic place with reasonable prices.

                  I'm bummed that Guglhupf isn't doing this sort of thing.

                  We've also been to Klara's and enjoyed it too - their potato salad is the bomb.

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                    Someone just asked me about good German restaurants in NC in general. Like basic german. I've not heard good things about Bavarian Brathaus and Klara's is actually Czech food. I was at Edelweiss Cafe on a Saturday and there was nothing there. I mean literally nothing there. They had 2 pieces of cake and that was it.

                    Bavarian Brathaus
                    1907 Bragg St, Sanford, NC 27330

                  2. So I have yet to go to J. Betski's but I'm guessing they wrote "kraut" and not "sauerkraut". "Kraut" means cabbage. A raw unfermented cabbage salad is very common in Germany. It appears on all sorts of salad plates and occasionally as a side on its own. Just got back from Germany, where I saw several of Guglhupf's dishes such as smoked salmon and potato pancakes on the menu. As far as being disappointed that Guglhupf doesn't serve what most Americans think of when they think of German food, it just isn't that kind of place. Don't get me wrong - I love a good Wurst, but that's more street food or traditional pub food. It's too bad the reports from Bavarian Brathaus in Durham are not good. Guglhupf is basically a lot like a modern German restaurant in Germany. Kind of European fushiony with a few traditional dishes like schnitzel. My German dad says their schnitzel is as good as if not better than most schnitzel he's had in Germany. No, it's not veal, so it's not really a "Wienerschnitzel" but most schnitzel in Germany are pork, too.

                    Bavarian Brathaus
                    1907 Bragg St, Sanford, NC 27330

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                      Ideally what my husband would like are dishes like his German mother used to make. Guglhupf does not make most of those things. We are definitely not talking "modern" here :)

                      I am bummed that there is no place close to us that will do these things.

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                        German home cooking is tough to find. If you want to surprise your husband on a special occasion, just give me the word and I could always hook you up, especially if his mom used to make southern German food.

                    2. Just tried out Capital Club 16 last night which has quite a few German dishes on the menu: potato pancakes, schnitzel sandwich, butcher's plate, etc.. Not a huge menu but worth a look-see!

                      1. Does anyone know if there are german butchers around? We want fresh German sausages!

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                          I don't know of any German butchers, but Fickle Creek sells some pretty righteous bratwurst at the farmer's markets.

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                            Weeping Radish, in Grandy (close to the coast and OBX) is the closest I know of. I think they ship if you aren't up for a road trip.