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Mar 10, 2007 04:29 AM

German food in the Triangle

I haven't had good German in ages and haven't heard much buzz about it since moving to the Raleigh area a couple of years ago. Anybody got a good recommendation?

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  1. You must've turned off yr buzz-dar around the time J. Betski's opened:

    It's a *great* restaurant: comfortable, confidently high-quality without being at all stuffy or pretentious, and the food is outstanding. They seem to be able to please the authenticity-seekers and the high-end-food snobs at the same time, which isn't something I would've expected to be able to say about a German/Polish restaurant in Raleigh NC. I've been recommending it to everybody I know who asks about good food in Raleigh, regardless of whether they've shown an interest in German food in the past.

    1. The Bavarian Brathaus in Carthage serves German food, I was there several months ago. The sauerbraten was good, but I'll probably try something else when I go back.

      Take 15/501 south out of Sanford. The Brathaus will be on your left as you get to Carthage,

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        I came accross the Bavarian Brathaus also several months ago, could not belive my eyes upon seeing it and had to stop for lunch. The food was rather good and would like to go back if it was not so far away.

      2. Not only is J. Betski's a great place to get German/Polish food, but it's probably one of the best restaurants in the Triangle across all genres. I can't recommend this place enough.

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          Agree wholeheartedly with mikeh. These guys are crushing. Wine list, food, room, prices, service-- I have been really pleased every time I've gone.

        2. They make their own pierogi; what can I say? if I had a car I would be there like the wind...good pierogi means good spaetzle,
          I would run to Betski's

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