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Mar 10, 2007 02:06 AM

Why is there no good Japanese place in Silverlake?

Zen sucks, so does San Sui on Hillhurst. The sushi places in the area are ok, but what up with the lack of cusine?

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  1. Saito Sushi on Sunset is great, and I believe there is some new hipster sushi joint either on Hillhurst or Vermont (en Sushi or something like that). You're so close to downtown, why not just go to Little Toyko and have your pick of the best Japanese places in LA?

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    1. re: Clare K

      Saito's is great? Sure, if you like the atmosphere of a empty 7/11 populated by the owner's friends and the weakest selection of fish of any sushi restaraunt I have ever been to.
      Granted, what I had wasn't "bad", per se, but the place had no spark and the lack of anything but the "standards" was a big hint on their skill level.

        1. re: Plague

          The absence of decor says everything about what they concentrate on, food. It's outstandingly fresh and refreshingly simple. If you're looking for candlelights Saito's ain't the place. Try the sweet shrimp, utterly perfect.

      1. Yes, En Sushi is on Hillhurst, but the few reviews on the board have not been good. I agree, Saito is the way to go. Not that it's any consolation, but I think San Sui sucks comparatively less than Zen, the place by Say Cheese, or Koda. When I was younger and even poorer, I used to frequent Mako next to the Los Feliz theater -- amazingly, it still has plenty of business.

        1. Although its located Silverlake adjacent, more Echo Park how about trying out Shibucho on 1st, south of Temple? I haven't been there for ages but it was one of the best sushi places in town with a great wine selection. But other than that, I agree on Saito's. Wish someone could open an Izakaya in Silverlake.

          1. Saito's is sushi. I want more, way more. The food I've eaten with friends on my trips to Japan, not sushi. They have sushi made by Japanese chefs in Mexico. Sushi, is sushi, but I want cuisine. This neighborhood is so rich, fussy and spoiled. So why is there no good authentic Japanese food?

            Wait, what about Koda on Sunset? I heard that was an Izakaya style place, with some sort of happy hour thing?

            Thought they were just sushi, maybe not?

            1. Koda is a joke. Do a search for them on Chowhounds and you'll read dozens of disappointing reviews. It's mainly sushi.

              Unfortunately, if you don't like Sansai, you'll have to go to downtown. There is a wealth of izakayas down there plus Japanese comfort food restaurants that have everything from yakisoba to curry croquette. You are right, there is no Japanese food-food place in Silverlake. Take a 15 minute drive to downtown.