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Mar 10, 2007 01:56 AM

Armenian Food In Gdale

I work with this Armenian woman. She's really sweet, and she's a great cook.

She lives in Reseda, and doesn't know of any place in Glendale that she could really recommend.

I want the best but I'm talking about living on a blue collar budget. I would love to find a place that is typical of what a Armenian grandmother would make her family on special days, or just dishes that make you think of when you were a kid. Not just kabobs.

Details too appreciated as well!

This should be a great thread!

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  1. Try Red Top Burger on Central Avenue, three or four blocks south of Colorado. No, I've never had one of their burgers, And no, it may not really be Armenian (possibly Georgian?) And no, it may not even really be a restaurant -- more of a glorified stand, with sit-down facilities, but the two ladies who seem to be the owners are great cooks and the food is marvelous and very reasonably priced. Try the Adjani Khajapuri, a sort of open-face calzone, with egg, cheese and basturma and a really delicious crust. Definitely get the lula kabob (either the plate dinner or as a sandwich on lavosh bread). It's even better than the lula kabob at Traktir, and Traktir's is wonderful. Also wonderful is the pizza. It's made (I think) with the same great crust as the khajapuri and is (get the "deluxe") simply the best pizza I've ever had. Another thing to try is the peculiar green herbal soft drink they serve. Very odd but very delicious.

    Another great thing about going to Red Top Burger is that the Glendale Ranch Market (1122 S. Central Ave., Glendale, CA (818) 240-3333 ) is just another three or four blocks down the street and you can stop off there while you're waiting for your pizza to be cooked at Red Top.

    The Ranch Market has a broad selection of Georgian and other unusual wines and liquors (try the delicious $4.99 Muscat from Cyprus or any number of Armenian pomegranate and other wines). There's also a butcher counter and a service deli with a broad selection of meats, cheeses (WONDERFUL Danish bleu for just $4.99 a pound) and other delicacies. (Try the "house" soujouk, the [fatty is better] basturma, or any of a wide variety of Russian-style hams and sausages. The pastrami is also great, and is usually only $3.99 a pound) All of the market's prices are low, but their produce prices blow the doors off anywhere else that I know. (roma tomatoes 3 pounds for $1.00, red, green, yellow, and orange bell peppers, all at $0.89 a pound).

    1. Now that's what I'm talking about!

      1. Elena's on Central Ave. is also a very "grandmother's kitchen" type of place with many fans on the board, Their kebabs are good but to me it seems like the choice of sides wasn't very large.

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          Elena's is really good! I love the lamb kebabs and the dolma's (veggie and/or meat stuffed grape leaves) are amazing. Their lentil soup is pretty lemony, not the best I've had, but everything else is delish. And prices are super reasonable, huge portions.

        2. For cheap delicious Armenian pastries, go to Paradise. I always say this. :)
          There are plenty of Armenian grandmas, grandpas, children and families that go there.
          They also have a fairly cheap hot food bar at the other end of the store, as well as a deli. This place is really good. I love it, and I have been going there for years.

          The pastries are better than the hot food bar, but if you want a fairly cheap Armenian lunch, you can check it out. It's on Glenoaks Blvd between Alameda and Western. There is street parking on Glenoaks, and also a small parking lot behind the store.

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            I just want the kind of very cultural Armenian cuisine that isn't going to cost me my next born child.

            Paradise sounds great.

            1. re: Fat Billie

              It's still my favorite, go-to place in Glendale, esp. for pastries. The prices are the most reasonable I've seen, esp. for the quality and freshness of the pastries. I order cakes and pastries there for every major party, including birthdays. I hope you like it, if you go. :)

          2. I hear that Aremenian food is very labor intensive.

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              Certain dishes probably are. I know Persian stews take hours and hours to make, and I would imagine Armenian food might be similar. Some of the eggplant dishes involve several steps in the cooking process. My cousin made kashk-e-bademjan for me (a Persian appetizer that is a little like babaghanoush), and we were in the kitchen for half the day. The end result was very delicious though.