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is mesa grill good

i am visiting new york soon, and i heard Bobby Flay's mesa grill suppose to be good , any comment, I moved away from new york 20 years ago, so don't know where to go , any suggestion

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  1. Mesa Grill disappointed me. I love Telepan, Eleven Madison Park, Aquavit and Soho Park (burgers).

    Read through the Chowhound boards. So many people have such insightful recommendations on a variety of restaurants at every level. Different people obviously have different tastes, but I bet you can find a place that will not disappoint!!

    1. I haven't been to Mesa Grill yet, but if you are looking for inventive food I would suggest going to one of Jean Georges restaurants Perry St. or Jean Georges are my favorites

      1. No. Overrated and overhyped.

        1. Not good. Terrible decor...skip it.

          1. i thought the food was mediocre, especially for the price. the decor feels about 15 years dated.

            1. Was good 15 years ago....now Bobby's very, very busy and has his showplace slip a little....

              1. I don't think it's as bad as people make it seem. It's decent, although perhaps not living up to its reputation. There certainly are many better places out there, but I'm not sure there are better places for Southwestern.

                1. I concur with majority. It is overpriced for what it is and quite mediocre. There is much better chow to be had at this city at much better prices.

                  1. Sorry chowhounds, but I completely disagree...Now granted, I have only eaten brunch there a few times, but have always had an absolutely wonderful meal...Love the bread basket, the "salsa jam" that comes with it, excellent spicy Bloody Mary's, the goat cheese fondue with blue corn tortilla chips, any of the egg dishes, heck, even the bacon is first rate...No, not cheap, but I think that it is worth it...at least for brunch...

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                      I enjoyed my dinner there a few months back. Great drinks, good food, good service. Ok, I'll admit, overpriced but I'll tell you, my friend's pork tenderloin was so huge she couldn't finish it if she tried, so she got 2 meals for 1 out of it. I've been to the one in Las Vegas, I do think it's better but I would go back here again if in the mood for this type of food.

                    2. thought it was okay, nothing special...definately thought its one of those places that lives off the chef's rep

                      1. I agree with Blumie and jinet12 (looks like everyone else thinks not as favorably). For me, it's a go-to place for brunch. It's so good and you get a lot of food for the money (the bread basket distinguishes the place for me). It's such flavorful food and it's a fun place to go as well.

                        1. I agree that the decor is definately dated, and I think even a little tacky. The food though is pretty decent. Had the spiced up steak, ceviche, and chili releno not too long ago and thought they were all well made. And I actually liked Mesa much more than his new Bar Americain, now i think that place mediocore. Are there other better restaurants out there? Yes, but I think this place is still worth a visit.

                          1. I gotta say I really like Mesa for a southwest dinner, and i'll agree the decor is nothing great, but it does tie in with the food colors a bit. I've enjoyed it every time i've been very happy with it.