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Il Capriccio Pizzeria first impressions

I picked up a pizza from the long-awaited spot on Hollywood Blvd. (just west of Hillhurst). They had it pretty together considering they just opened, with several parties eating in the small pizzeria which just has a few tables, very casual. I brought my sausage and mushroom pizza home and reheated it, and I think it has real possibilities. Proportions seem right, crust is nicely chewy and there's a wide selection of toppings. Only problem was it was a bit soggy in the middle, but I had been stuck in traffic, so I excuse that. Otherwise, it was rather pricey -- a 16", their largest size, is closer to a medium and costs around $17, just enough for two with no leftovers. About the same price as La Buca, I think. Delivery will start in a few days, the manager said. At last, another pizza choice in the hood!
Photo on the blog:
Il Capriccio Pizzeria
4518 Hollywood Blvd.

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  1. Is it better than Nicky D's.?

      1. Cannot wait to try. Hopefully the integrity of the crust will keep during delivery. We normally order from Pizza Buona and are partial to their spicy sauce. But PB pies tend to get soggy as they're heavy-handed with their sauce and toppings.

        1. Just stopped in for a first bite. Small room, still working it out, I guess. Service was slower then molassas, although the girl working the counter was about 15, probably the owner's daughter... Anyway, fifteen minutes later I had a slice in my hand, and it was fine. Small, better than your chain pizzas, but definitely not the transcendant slice that Nicky D's can sometimes make. They have some interesting toppings, and I'm going to give it another shot when I order a whole pie. They are within walking distance to me, but at first bite I would say they are not as good as Nicky Ds.

          1. I tried 4 different slices last week. They weren't open to the public. I was walking by, stuck my head in and was invited to try the food. What I had was fantastic pizza and far better than Nicy D's has ever been. The crust was a nice thin style, not brittle or crackerish but with a nice pleasant chew. I liked the sauce which had good tomato depth and bright acidity as well. I loved it

            1. I went back to try Il Capriccio Pizzeria again tonight. I was impressed by the fresh, abundant rapini topping. Cheese had a nice flavor but the crust is a little too thin in the middle, it needs to either be crisp or be thicker. Ours was good right out of the oven but it can't travel like that. I also liked the austere yet pleasantly bitter arugula/radicchio salad. I wasn't wild about getting cheap paper plates for a $17 pizza and $9 salad. However I would return for the rapini pizza for sure.

              1. Just got a awesome pizza in Los Feliz! The place looks great!

                1. Mabye be so, but Nicky's is the best.

                  1. I gave it a try last night and was let down. I simply ordered a 'large cheese to go' and when I picked the pizza up I discovered it was a 'margherita' pizza...tomato sauce with mozzarella just dabbed on...I told the girl at the counter I had thought it would just be a 'large cheese' pizza and she responded..."oh..you wanted the margherita americano..."..oh well. The sauce was bland and the pizza dough wasn't cooked in the center. As a local, I was really hoping for more.

                    1. Just had an Il Capriccio 'za for the first time - ordered the "Bella Napoli" with anchovies, calamata olives, capers and tomato sauce. Added mozzarella for an extra buck. Ordered it well done.

                      Nice, crisp crust, minimalist approach to toppings - not too much cheese and just the right amount of salt bombs - olives, capers, little fishies. The pizza is light - a large will just barely feed two hungry chowhounds.

                      Leaps and bounds above the other "wood fired" pizza joint in this area. Il Capriccio's crust actually tastes like it was cooked in a wood oven at high temperatures, with all of the crispiness and the slightly charred edges one would expect. Great addition to the neighborhood! Definitely will visit again.

                      1. Live close by and have had the pizza twice now. The first time was enough to bring me back for a second go round, but in the end I think its a pretty mediocre pie, and $17 is a little steep for what they're offering. When all is said and done I'm still a solid Nicky D's fan.

                        1. The gf and I went there the other night.

                          Looks like they're still getting their staff worked out; the person taking my order was pretty spacy and took a while, and the guys tossing pizza didn't look quite comfortable tossing a pizza (definitely a far cry from watching east coast pizza makers toss pizza!).

                          I didn't think the prices were *that* out of line. You can get a pizza that's a decent size for one person for $10 or so, and $8.50 each isn't that bad for 2 people.

                          The crust was thin in the middle, as reported by others (hers even more than mine). I thought it was pretty good pizza, but the outer crust had that slightly doughy "pillsbury pizza" type flavor. I don't know if their oven is maybe not hot enough or what. Sauce was decent, and toppings were good - I had black olives, broccoli rabe and, something else I can't remember right now, and the gf had a special w/ smoked mozzarella and pancetta. The olives were a little salty, even for me, but good.

                          With the toppings and stuff, I thought the pizza was decent - maybe an 6-7 out of 10 at best. I still haven't found a place in LA that really nails the basic crust and sauce of NY / east coast style pizza.

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                              I went back yet again (it's right on my way home from work, plus I'm working on a review) and I was pleasantly surprised, although a bit perplexed. For the first time, I ordered a combo Paesana instead of specifying my own ingredients. A medium sized was larger than the larges I had before, and the crust was thicker as well. Not only was it of course less expensive than a large, but the large combos are also somehwat lower-priced than a large with one or two toppings.
                              Anyway, it was very good. Still scared to try delivery, though. I'd agree with the 7 out of 10 rating, and no, I haven't been to the new Vito's yet.

                          1. 3 times so far. Great every time. The tomato, basil, and garlic one is a little lack luster. The standard pizza has been consistently good. The eggplant topping and sausage seem to be good choices. Like the basic salad too.