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April 2007 Cookbook of the Month: Cast Your Vote Here

Thanks to everyone for all of your suggestions- it was tough to choose! Please do not fret if your suggestions didn't end up here for the month of April; it just means that it will appear further on down the road.

Please cast your vote for ONE of the following:



Please add your votes to this thread. Voting will be open until March 13th. I'll announce the April cookbook of the month on March 14th. Please take a look at these books as they are both very different.

Thanks for participating!

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  1. Patricia Wells please! Her books are not only a pleasure to cook from, but they are a pleasure to read as well.

    1. Arabesque! I just got it a few days ago. I have Wells and like it too, though.

      1. Please cast my vote for Patricia Wells.

        I love Patricia Wells and her cooking style.Her recipes are terrific, easy to follow, and the final results are always delicious. I also enjoyed Arabesque. Since they are so different, why not one this month, and the other next month?

        1. Arabesque. Wells is good reading but Wolfert's is a more "useful" book.

          1. patricia wells. i use that book all the time and love it. penne risotto is in my repertoire forever.

            1. Arabesque--to welcome Spring, something new (to me).
              Just *glancing* through Internet at Moroccan recipes I see apricots olives artichokes--can't wait to put those on a chicken and apply heat!

              1. Wells for me. I do like Moroccan food, but not more than once or twice a month, really, while I Provencal food is more generally the way I eat. Plus, I've had nothing but positive experiences with the other Patricia Wells cookbooks I own.

                1. My vote is also for Wells (with perhaps the other next month). AT HOME IN PROVENCE is very dear to me; it completely changed the way I cook as well as how I view food and experience it. It remains one of the best cookbooks of all time, in my opinion. It would be great to share stories about it, try a few of the things I have never cooked from it and see what others think about the book.

                    1. Arabesque is a lovely book, and has my vote. Note to Am.Bouch.: There's much more than Moroccan in this book.

                      1. I vote for Claudia Rhoden's Arabesque. A wonderful book.

                          1. My apologies to everyone for the ugliness that went on here today. It's very difficult not to take something personally that you've put so much time and energy into, especially when it is a voluntary position. I hope that it will not affect *anyone's* participation in the Cookbook of the Month project. I researched all of the suggestions put forth by the Hounds, and really took my time in looking through all of them. I picked the two that I thought fit best in the month of April. Please continue the voting and the chowing, and if anyone has suggestions on how to better run the Cookbook of the Month project, please feel free to e-mail me at katie_nell@hotmail.com. Happy Cooking!

                            1. Tough choice but I'll go w/ Arabesque.

                              1. Cast my vote for Arabesque, although I'd be happy with either.

                                Katie Nell, I think you are doing a great job, and these are both fantastic choices!!

                                1. Arabesque, please. I'm doing a ChefPro class in May at Greystone on Mediterranean cooking, so I'd like to push through this book.

                                  1. (Carry on, Katie Nell, and thanks.) I vote for Arabesque this time.

                                    1. I'm too lazy to pick up Arabesque; At Home In Provence is sitting on my French cookbook shelf now, and I'll vote for that.

                                      1. I vote for Arabesque. And thanks for taking this work on Katie Nell!

                                        1. A vote for Patricia Wells At Home in Provence, please.

                                          1. Patrica Wells for me! Kate Nell I think your dong a great job thank you! :)

                                              1. A tough choice.. I'd be happy with either, but will vote for Wells now. Thanks again, Katie, for shouldering the organizing! I appreciate all the work you've put it--

                                                1. I'm a newcomer, so hopefully my vote will count. I'm all for Arabesque.

                                                  1. I've always wanted to explore Lebanese dishes, so Arabesque is my vote.

                                                        1. re: MMRuth

                                                          I voted for Arabesque purely based on cuisine - just bought it and am thrilled - I may well get started on it on March (still no so inspired by Leite). I think I could do a different eggplant dish everyday.

                                                          1. re: MMRuth

                                                            Funny you should say that, the cuisine is what sucked me in with Arabesque as well. I'm sitting here at the library with the book sitting next to me. I'm dyin' to crack it open after your comment re: eggplant dishes--a big fave of mine!

                                                      1. Katie Nell, you are doing a fantastic job! I vote for Wells.

                                                        1. Katie Nell, Thanks for taking this on.

                                                          I'm indifferent as to which book. The library has both and both are on their way to me.

                                                          1. I'd vote for Patricia Wells for the selfish reason that I already own it and the slightly less selfish reason that I've cooked out of her Bistro Cooking and found it very reliable. The few recipes I've tried so far from At Home in Provence have also been excellent, notably a simple but delicious cherry-almond tart, so I'd love to get feedback and try others.

                                                            1. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone! ARABESQUE: A TASTE OF MOROCCO, TURKEY, AND LEBANON, by Claudia Roden, will be April's cookbook of the month!! Now, get to the library or the bookstore! :-)

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                                                              1. re: Katie Nell

                                                                I picked up the book this morning (and two other cookbooks because I have a little problem). I just sat and looked through it during lunch and am really looking forward not only to cooking from it but reading about others' experiences.

                                                                I have to say I felt a sense of regret about my vegetarianism as I looked through it. Some of those chicken and lamb recipes look just wonderful. Oh well. I'll be a vicarious carnivore as others post about those recipes.

                                                                1. re: debbiel

                                                                  I'm thinking that fake meat would work really well for some of this . . .
                                                                  I've had fake meat kibbeh that was awesome, and sub'ed seitan in other dishes . . .

                                                                2. re: Katie Nell

                                                                  WHAT!? Arabesque? I certainly thought Favorite Christmas Recipes From Luxemburg got at least twice as many votes! Recount!!!

                                                                  1. Went out and bought the cookbook yesterday, great addition to my quickly expanding library! Can't wait to start cooking from it. Lucky me, I have numerous middle eastern stores in my neighborhood so I will be able to find all of the ingredients.