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Mar 9, 2007 07:14 PM

meatballing at Joe's Pub -

If their meatball appetizer - a plate of about 7 smallish, perfectly textured and flavored meatballs in a very thick marinara - is not thed best Italian-style meatball around, then I'm an albondiga.

actually, everything we tried on the menu was quite good, including a very garlicky bruschetta and a faultless panini. I don't know of a music venue in the city that has better food (although Jazz Standard/Blue Smoke is very good also).

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  1. amazing! I've had nothing but extremely average food there. And of course, some incredible musical experiences!!

    1. Considering its a music venue - not a restaurant per se, and they hustle your ass out of there pretty quickly (something like three shows a night!), they do a competent job in the kitchen. Taken together - music quality, food quality, and vibe - Joe's Pub is one of the best venues in the city.