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Mar 9, 2007 07:03 PM

Wasabi Woes - Mpls - your thoughts?

Is it just us? Wasabi woes .......

My partner and I had an impromptu sushi fix while at an art opening so we drove over to our regular love-in, Fuji Ya, but the line seemed longer than we could handle so we decided we would give Wasabi a second try. Our first time at Wasabi, our server announced it was his first night and it was quite apparent.

We get to Wasabi and wait for a table - are seated - and a while (seemed like forever but yes, it was Friday night) - our server came over to our table exasperated from her last table - and went on about how flustered she was. We ordered Vodka Marini's extra dirty and our usual first course of miso soup and edamame......asked her to put this order in and come back for our sushi order.

Well, she went off.......and nothing - for a very long time. She came back and said "could we have a regular martini because no olive juice." We said - okay - whatever.........

Nothing for a long time.
Our soup and edamane came - no cocktail. She said "no martini glasses" and again was exasperated - we felt for her but gosh, we probably could have had a couple of martini's by now.

FINALLY - our cocktail comes and she tells us she had to wash the glasses herself - these $9 drinks were so lame - too much Vermouth (very sweet) and nearly warm! We waited so long we just sipped and joked because we were too tired to complain........

Our food comes - and - sigh - we ordered the "regular sashimi" which consists of ten pieces of fish - a spider roll and a few pieces of sushi -

Now, the sushi was lovely - fresh fish, generous slices - no complaint there for the tuna, eel and yellowtail - the Spider roll was the lamest we'd ever had!!! It was mostly rice - and not a crab leg to be found - we shook our head. The sashimi consisted of NINE pieces -not ten - however, instead of thin slices of fish, they were slabs nearly a half-inch thick! The fish was buttery smooth and delicious so we could hardly complain there......

But the service - the cocktails and the lame roll - was it just us? The place was busy - and others seemed to be having a fine time - are we just spoiled by Fuji Ya or do we just bring on the weakest link??

Sigh - I just had to share this because - well, just because.........

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  1. Sigh - I just had to share this because - well, just because.........

    That's what its all about. Sharing!

    I haven't personally been - but its been highly recommended to me (by a chef!) & I've also heard a lot of tales of woe as well.

    So If I go, have a stiff drink beforehand & sit at the sushi bar?

    How can a place (no matter what night of the week it is) be unable to mix a proper drink?

    That, for me, right there, is a deal beaker.


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      1. went there this summer. I think they only had been open a few weeks, so thought we would give them the benefit of the doubt. First off, really didnt like decor. Mn cabin meets sushi bar? weird. We just went for drinks before going to Cue. 2 of our group wanted a glass of sparkling to start the night. Both bartenders were unable to figure out what sparkling wines were (is that a red?) and then once we told them they were sparking they couldnt find the one ordered. On the plus side, they opened one of the more expensive bottles and only charged us the glass price of the cheaper one. I had the green tea martini. too sweet for my tastes.

        The other weird thing was that sitting at the bar seemed to pretty much put you in the way of guests entering from one of the two entrances. But granted this was all last summer. I have also heard good and bad reviews as well.

        1. Yes, sit at the bar or do the hibachi (teppanyaki) dinner. The service at the tables is poor at its best. However, if you go for the omakase at the bar you will be served incredibly fresh fish, huge portions and the chefs are entertaining as well as talented. Unfortunately, the cocktail service still seems to be working a few things out.

          We've been there five times and have had great experiences all but one time, and that was because of the server. All of the other servers were much more efficient than ours.

          1. The original comment has been removed