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Mar 9, 2007 06:15 PM

FASIKA recommendations

need details on the combo plates. how many choices (meat and vegetable) on the meat one? tell me about the coffee. suggestions welcome. thanks

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    1. Just grabbed a non-veg combination for dinner tonight - so delicious! This combo allows for a total of 4 choices of meat and/or vegetables. The kitfo special is not included as an option for this...neither is the catfish IIRC. I went with the kitfo, dorem got (collard greens), yoret aliciha (lamb cubes in a slightly spicy sauce), and yelik alicha (yellow peas in a ginger sauce). All was delicious and not too spicy per my wimpy request. Menu is available online, although there are some small differences with the menu in the restaurant.


      ps: Haven't had the coffee so can't help you there, sorry!

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        Heather - reading this, it reminded me how good those collard greens were - and both salads, including timatim?, the kitfo, which BTW fortunately had a nice heat level when we had it, and catfish (and how much fun we had at the bar!). Definitely time to go back.

        galangraton - is there some special kind of Ethiopian coffee? I'm not a coffee drinker so I'm not sure. I know some Ethiopian restaurants do a coffee service, but don't know about it at Fasika. Have you had it locally before?

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            Ethopians have a very serious relationship with their coffee. Depending on the place a proper "Ethiopian coffee" service involves a lengthy ritual in which beans are roasted, ground, then steeped in boiling water (all next to your table) before being poured into tiny cups with several heaping teaspoonfuls of sugar. I have never had this in America but it is the traditional way to serve and share coffee in Ethiopia. My guess is that some of the nicer Ethopian restaurants will do it - I seem to recall Addis Red Sea had something like this but am not entirely sure. At other places if you order an "Ethopian coffee" you are getting a small cup of a very strong, thick brew (like Turkish coffee) with tons of sugar in it.

        1. went today and had the same combo as you. got kifto, minchet abish key wot (spicy beef), yebeg wot (spicy lamb) and key wet (out of the chicken i wanted). may have names wrong because the menu online clearly isn't the same. great combo for a great price. friendly and helpful service. could have been much spicier. kifto wasn't even spicy at all. minchet abish key wot was the only one with a kick. next time will def ask for extra spicy. had the coffee after my meal. what is the big deal? waitress just poured it from the clay pot

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            I wonder if you were there eating when I was picking up my takeout... it was so delicious and I am so excited to have this wonderful place right in my little neighborhood.

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                Yes...I just always find it funny when two 'hounds are in the same place... seems to happen somewhat frequently.

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                  what time? i was the only one eating. there was a couple chatting with a waitress. possibly waiting for take-out. the woman said she had never been there before. you?

                  1. re: galangatron

                    This was my third visit of many more to come I'm was late, around 9PM. The **DJ** was spinning his tunes already!!