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Mar 9, 2007 05:46 PM

Favorite dishes to Freeze (for 2 wks)?

With little time to prepare a great dinner at times on weeknights, rejoice in finding something delectable I had recently made in the freezer. Past faves have been French onion soup (the 4-hr variety); a rich bolognese (also multi-hour); lasagna; stuffed peppers; meatballs; a complex long-cooked down chicken soup; beef stock; pesto when have loads of basil....

Any other favorite dishes that are either too time-consuming for a weekday dinner or ones that are more efficiently prepared in larger portions -- and which freeze well?

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  1. chili
    tuna casserole (made w/o noodles, like a massive tuna melt)
    baked brown rice

    1. why only for 2 weeks? most of those dishes you named will freeze well for months... not weeks. You don't ever have to be bored!

      1. Lasagna is the go to freezer food for us. We love the Cook's Illustrated Spinach Lasagna recipe. When we want something with tomato, I do the same recipe but add a layer of muchrooms cooked down with canned tomatoes.

        Enchiladas are also something that we find freeze quite well. Between the two variation on lasagna and two variations on enchiladas (red and green, both with chicken) our freezer is usually pretty well stocked.

        I'll also agree with the above mention of Chili. As you noted, a good bolognese also freezes well in my experience and makes for a nice, elegant and easy dish.

        Hot turkey sandwich makings (turkey in the gravy, basically) does very nicely, too.

        1. Split Pea Soup, Bouef Bourgingon, home made perogies or ravioli. I also love a really nice stew-y lamb shank - freeze the shanks and the sauce separately. (


          Another great one is chicken pot pie, or a really rich long cooking indian curry.


          1. 1) Make a double or triple recipe of meatloaf. Bake some as meatloaf, slice, and freeze dinner-size portions in gravy (canned gravy is fine) for future dinners. Pack the rest of it, raw, into a baking dish and freeze. Later when you make mashed potatoes, make extra. Thaw the raw meatloaf in the baking dish, put the mashed potatoes on top, and bake it = shepherd's pie. 2) Picadillo freezes nicely: Saute ground beef with onion and some green pepper. Add a small can of tomato sauce, raisins, and stuffed olives and season with salt, cumin (essential), and a little hot pepper. Cook a little while. There should be plenty of sauce. Freeze. Eat with rice. 3) Beef or chicken curry: Cook stewing beef (or any lean cut-up beef or cut-up chicken breasts) in crock pot with onions, a little can of tomato sauce, a lot of frozen peas, water, flour, curry powder, garlic, other seasoning to taste. Figure out the water:flour:tomato sauce ratio so there will be plenty of sauce. Freeze. Eat with rice.

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              You can also freeze the raw meatloaf in muffin tins (I like the jumbo-sized). Once frozen, store in freezer bags. Bake on a foil-lined baking sheet and you can have meatloaf in about half an hour with very little clean-up.