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Mar 9, 2007 05:15 PM

Zuni Cafe- res's needed for lunch on a weekday?

I'll be in San Francisco in a few weeks and would like to go to Zuni but was hoping to go the day we fly in so I don't want to make reservations only to have to cancel or reschedule. Would we be able to get a table say around 2pm without reservations or a long wait?

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  1. i called today at 1:45 for a party of three and was able to make reservations for 2:15 without a problem. i also a few empty seats around while eating. if you don't have a large group and it's that late you should be fine. why don't you call as you are leaving the airport?

    1. If you can get a table get the burger! One of my favorites in SF...

      1. Mid-afternoon you can usually get seated right away.