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Mar 9, 2007 05:14 PM

Pasadena midweek lunch

I'm from Atlanta and looking for a lunch spot in Pasadena (next Wed.).
I've read previous posts about CrepeVine, Marsten's, Cafe Santorini, Twin Palms, Crocodile Cafe, Cafe Bizou, Firefly Bistro and others....
What I would like is a spot with some local flavor, preferrably CA cuisine.
Not interested in Cuban, Chinese or Thai.
Thanks and looking forward to it.

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    1. re: Babette

      My host has suggested Trattoria Tre Venezie....should I run or will this be ok?

      1. re: rcburli

        Well, it definitely doesn't fit your preference for "local, California cuisine", but I wouldn't run, esp. if someone else is putting it on their expense acct. ($$$-$$$$ category) . It is truly Italian, and not your grandma's Tuscany, but shows a strong influence from Austria/Hungary for one part of the menu- some of which just didn't appeal to me, but to each his own. You'll find mixed reviews on the board, but I have had excellent pasta and fish, noting less satisfaction voiced by dining partners with the veal and steak. My experience was good, service was stellar, wine list is overpriced...some say the same about the food. Again, probably not my choice if you're really looking for local, CA cuisine. FYI Bistro K is not open for lunch, unless they've recently decided opened up.

    2. i enjoyed the food at firefly. it's california fusion for sure with a selection from many different cuisine traditions. i had an heirloom tomato salad that defied my expectations. they serve grits that were creamy and amazing. my only gripe is that their dessert is not that spectacular.

      1. Agree with the Parkway Grill suggestion, as first choice...and would add their sibling, Smitty's...also The Raymond or Mike and Anne's (in So. Pasadena). Lots of discussion re each in recent posts. If you want something truly casual, think Green Street.

        1. if you are looking for calif would have to be:

          parkway grill
          bistro k (this would be my first choice if they serve lunch but if you can go there for 5 cousre tasting dinner for $55 is a great deal)