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Nook tonight...what to get?

We're heading to Nook for our second visit. We had a great meal there quite a while ago and haven't gotten around to a return visit until now. I recall having a very tasty fish special, the fabulous pork chop, and the fries last time. Any must-tries?

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  1. i love the mussel's, nook burger and short ribs...

    1. second the braised short ribs.

      1. Hmm, those all sound great. I was definitely leaning towards the mussels, burger and mac n' cheese. I'm a huge fan of Father's Office burgers...will this compare? Are the short ribs "special short ribs" or just solid? I've been a huge fan of short ribs, but after a while they all start tasting the same, if you know what I mean.

        1. hmmm...well, yes. short ribs are short ribs but i thought these were tender and cooked forever and had that rich earthiness that i like about shirt ribs. i haven't had the famous office burger so not sure....

          1. i never not get the mussel's when i'm there for some reason and i here good things bout the mac n cheese

            1. True enough. Ok, off to Nook. Will be sure to report back!

              1. i really like their dessert. all of their desserts actually. so leave room!

                1. Yeah, I think the chocolate pot de creme has my name written all over it. ;)

                  1. Just got back. Second visit was just as lovely. We got there just early enough to beat the rush, which was great, nabbing a couple seats at the bar. There was an empty chair in between us and the couple on the other side of it, so we had plenty of space and privacy.

                    After mulling over some of the options mentioned here with the capable server, we opted for the mussels, mac n' cheese and short rib. The mac n' cheese came out first, and it hit the spot nicely. The mussels were simply divine and turned out to be the star of the meal. They weren't your run of the mill tiny mussels. These were quite large and plump and came dressed with a flavorful saffron sauce along with linguisa sausage and oven dried tomatoes. But the best part was the focaccia bread accompanying the dish, which had been toasted to perfection for dipping in the luscious sauce. We'd never had focaccia with quite that springy texture and consistency before.

                    The short rib was very nice, maybe not the greatest short rib we'd ever had, but it was satisfying. It was a very generous portion of short rib served alongside creamy mashed potatoes drenched in the red wine reduction gravy.

                    We finished with the chocolate banana bread pudding, a recommendation of our server, who also happens to be a pastry chef. (Not sure if she was Nook's pastry chef?). The bread pudding was delicious, and not in your homey standard comforting way. Nook's bread pudding benefits from the same springy focaccia described above, providing a subtle, almost elegant texture that is both soft and dense at the same time. The aromatic chocolate and caramel flavors were nicely and evenly distributed through the pudding. A winner of a dessert.

                    Dinner for two including a 12 oz. carafe of pinot noir before tip was $61. Nook is officially part of our top 5 go-to restaurants for quality and value in LA. Thanks again, Hounds, for the recs!

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                      Glad you enjoyed it. Nook's in my neighborhood and for that I am super-grateful because it's definitely my go-to restaurant for anything/everything!

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                        Very helpful review. Thanks for sharing your impressions.

                      2. FYI- the burger is also served on that same foccacia w/carmelized onions and gruyere I think? maybe provlone?