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Houston's- What to order?

Going to Houston's soon on 53rd and Lex? Want to know what are the best items on the menu. I know it isn't the largest but I took a look and seem pretty set on the Hawaiian Ribeye. Sounds pretty awesome and I have heard their ribs and burgers are good also. Thanks for your recs!!!!

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  1. I like both the prime rib and the hawaiian ribeye.

    1. the baby back ribs, eggless caesar salad, spinach/artichoke dip are all delish!

      1. My husband loves the Wednesday night special soup which is Mexico City soup. I would love the recipe for it. I also loved their seared Ahi and their house salad. Ask for a side of blue cheese chunks.

        1. The burgers at Houstons are incredible! Even the veggie burger. Oh and the fries, thin and crunchy. Gosh I miss houstons! We don't have one here in chicago.

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            Really great burgers here - the only thing I order when I go.

          2. The Thursday Tortilla Soup is delish. People rave about their French Dips, but it didn't do much for me, and at $18 you can do way better with their Hawaiian Ribeye or their Ribs. Those are my two favorite entrees there. My sister speaks very highly of some Thai Beef Steak salad that they have on their menu. I've never tried it though.

            1. They have FANTASTIC chicken fingers. Used to be offerred as an entree, but now it is only on the menu as an appetizer, although I think I have heard that if you ask for them as an entree, you can get them.

              I also love their Hawaiian Ribeye - the marinade is incredible and the steak very tender.

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                  Yes! The hickory burger but I always ask for regular bacon and no onions. YUM!

                2. Thay have an Evil Jungle Salad with beef tenderloin that is fabulous. It may be the same as Thai Beef Steak salad that hch_nguyen is referring to.

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                    yes, one and the same, I believe...

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                      I concur - it's incredible! You really couldn't even call it a salad - it's just chunks of really fantastic steak with mango and avocado and a few other yummy bits and pieces. I've been eating it for years and have never tired of it!

                    2. The chili they serve on Saturday's is great!

                      1. not sure the exact name but they have a thai/asian chicken salad that is really good.

                        1. At the one in Ft Lauderdale they had grilled artichokes which were killer!

                          1. I'd vote for the evil jungle thai steak salad, baby back ribs or the tortilla soup - all my favorites !!

                            1. The Baby Back Ribs are not the kind that barbecue purists favor. They're slow cooked, finished on the grill and served with a thick sauce. But they're awfully addictive.

                              Some Houstons don't have them on the menu. You have to ask.

                              1. The Evil Thai Salad is a great contrast of flavors and textures. I always ask for mine extra spicy, but I love heat.