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Mar 9, 2007 03:58 PM

Cake in Vancouver

I am a big fan of cake, and while I know where to go out for lovely desserts, I can never think of a good bakery in this city to buy a cake from. All that comes to mind are Chinese bakeries (which, while delicious, I'd rather stick to getting pork buns from) and the really cheap kinds of bakeries that mostly sell danishes and edible-oil-filled long johns.

Lots of good chocolate shops, no good cake shops that I know of. Any recommendations?

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  1. Try Senses in the Crowne Plaza hotel downtown, they make beautiful and delicious individual little cakes, and sublime chocolates.

    1. Are you looking for somewhere to just stop in or would you order one in advance?

      1. GANACHE - in Yaletown. Outstanding cakes & pastries.

        1. Try Liberty Bakery at Main and 21st......

          1. Trafalgar's Sweet Obsession at 16th & Trafalgar