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Mar 9, 2007 02:58 PM

Calgary - Tandoori Chicken

Hi all,
Just found this place again.. I had the old site bookmarked and after the site revamp I got sent to some strange Chowhound page, probably Eastern Canada or something and never found the Western Canada link.

Anyways, I wanted to recommend a great place for buying your own pre-marinated Tandoori Chicken.

Mann Bros Meat Shop
618-5075 Falconridge Boulevard NE
(403) 568-6997
10:30am-8:00pm most days
all credit cards accepted

They have pre-marinated tandoori chicken, salmon, lamb, chicken wings, etc. My favorite is their mint chicken. They only sell dark meat (drumsticks and thighs). They remove the skin, slice the meat so the flavor soaks into the meat.

Prices are reasonable, about $18-$20 for a big bag of chicken. I usually buy a few bags, freeze them, and cook them in the oven (or BBQ) on the days I'm feeling lazy.

No, I don't work there or related in any way to them - I'm Chinese and they're definately East Indian - just wanted to recommend one of my favorite meat shops to any meathead out there.

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  1. Agree, the chicken is tasty and a pretty good deal, and makes for a good bbq. One of my Indian friends turned me on to this place a couple of years ago. The neighbouring shops are quite a scene, like stepping into another country.