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Mar 9, 2007 02:48 PM

Girl Scout Cookies-Where to buy in Long Beach

Okay I'm dying here. Someone at my office had the new GSC called Lemonades and I need them, now. Anyone know of any stands going up this weekend for the coveted cookies? I'm in Signal Hill.

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  1. They are selling them all over 2nd street. At BOA and Washington Mutual (?). They should be out in force this weekend. My husband brought me a box of Samoas...yummy!

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      yeah, 2nd street... one of the troops ran me down a few years back... I didn't buy any, but since I was working in sales at the time, I was ready to offer one of those little girls a job... LOL!!


    2. I've seen the young ladies pushing cookies last weekend in front of the Pavilions at Spring and Los Coyotes, and the Ralphs at Wardlow and Los Coyotes. Thank the gods. I couldn't have gone another minute without a box of All-Abouts...!!!

      I think Pavilions is a pretty safe bet. They're there like clockwork every year!

      1. Also saw them at the Ralphs at Lakewood near the Traffic Circle. $4 a box this year.

        1. There are usually Girl Scout/Brownie troops stationed outside Bristol Farms on Bellflower. If all else failes, call the LB Girl Scout Council, and someone will be more than happy to help you out.

          1. Bristol Farms this morning had a table full with lots of girls ready to sell them to you!