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Mar 9, 2007 02:37 PM

Juice box wine at Target

Just heard about this on an LA thread about beach food. Little juiice-box size wines. Has anyone heard of this? Is it as gross as it sounds? Would be cool if it wasn't, but suspicious.

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  1. I don't know about the juice box, but we tried a wine cube of red wine and it was drinkable. I'd probably get it for a casual party or a picnic.


      google is your friend.

      Bottom right it shows that they have 4 packs of 250ml each for some of the wines.

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      1. I also just recently saw Sake in small "juiceboxes" at Whole Foods.

        1. I've had a different brand of the juice box wine. It looked exactly like juicy juice, apple juice -- same shape in green box. I thought it was fine, nothing great but definately drinkable. It seemed comparable to most other wines that you buy in single servings. It would be great for a picnic or other event where you don't want glass around, or if you want to just stuff a few in a cooler. Plus, its kind of funny - we are waiting for them to come with a straw!

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            Seemed like the ultimate beach picnic thing but think I kind of was imagining they came with a straw. How do you drink it if you don't? Although, come to think of it drinking wine out of a straw might be kind of, well, odd...

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              It has a little foil covered hole, and you just peel the foil off. (non-technical explaination). I brought them to a hotel so we used the water glasses, making it oh so classy. It would be a little strange to drink directly from it, but I'm sure some people do, in situations without glasses. It did work well for the hotel though - we had a minifridge but didn't need the bottle opener.

          2. I'm looking forward to picking up some of the 250ml packages and trying them. I'm hopeful it'll be worth cooking with (I know, I know...only cook with something you'd drink....true...but there's a bit more wiggle room depending on the dish).