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Mar 9, 2007 02:20 PM

Help! Dinner for 5 tomorrow (Sat.) night?

I have last-minute plans to go for dinner in SF with out of town visitors and want to take them somewhere moderately priced and distinctively Bay Area . Zuni, Slanted Door, and Delfina are booked (of course) but I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion for something good that'll take walk-ins or last-minute reservations. True, there's always something like Pagolac or Shalimar but for this I'd like something a bit nicer in atmosphere/presentation. Thanks for any thoughts on this!

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  1. Incanto's easier to get into than most places that good.

    Two's good and not mobbed so far.

    You might call Nopa.

    Looking at opentable--El Raigon, Scott Howard, Piperade

    1. Opentable is probably the place to go to find a reservation. We had a recent lovely experience at Chenery Park in Glen Park. Chou Chou is a bit loud, but the food is good. The Fog City Diner is fun and the food is better than you'd expect (how's that for high praise?). My last thought is Ponzu, which is fun, good food and you can order plates to share and get to try a bunch of different things. Excellent bartenders as well.