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Mar 9, 2007 02:14 PM

Thinking of getting a new outdoor grill...

...but unfortunately, I'm not rolling in dough these days. I see one for sale at BJs, $299, stainless steel, not that I care (that much), but what interested me is that it says 60,000 BTUs which sounds good. Also has procelein grates, again I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. There is no brand named, not even on the packaging; maybe someone knows whether this would be any better than my falling apart CharBroil? And I swear to you that next time I'll get something high end. Thanks

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  1. I'm curious to hear people's comments on differences in high-end vs. "cheap" gas grills. I bought a grill from Walmart a couple of years ago for, maybe, $120? It has a side burner, three main burners under the grill, cast iron grates, and a side table/shelf on the other side of the grill. There's also a temp gauge on the lid. It uses a battery to power the starter, so there's no loud clicking to spark the starter. It's reliable, cooks well, and hasn't fallen apart. It's not stainless steel, but I also don't have to work hard to keep it shiny and clean.

    From my limited knowledge on BBQ grills, I would recommend getting one with at least three burners. Then you can turn the outside 2 on but leave the middle one off and use it for indirect grilling. I honestly only used the side burner a couple of times, both when my kitchen stove was out of commission. When we're grilling, I usually have a few other things going on in the kitchen so I'm using the stove anyway.

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      I have also found the side burner to be utterly useless. I can't imagine why I would want to tap into the limited supply of LP when I have an unlimited supply of electricity 15 feet away in the kitchen. But like cameras on phones, so many grills come with them anymore that you'll probably have one anyway if you ever decide you need it.

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        The only time I've used my side grill is when it got turned on by accident and I burnt my hand on the metal top! But I recently had the thought that it would be great for searing things like scallops in a cast iron pan without setting off the fire alarm in the house.

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          you use the side burner to keep sauces etc that you are using directly on what you are cooking-- putting cold mop sauce on hot meat is no good! the burner is also good for making all of the quick veggie sides while keeping an eye on direct heat cooking, which you shouldn't leave unattended.

      2. I have a Webber Gas grill and am not proud of how much I paid for it but I really love it. The best grill for the dollar is the original Webber Kettle grill (charcoal) You can cook anything on them from burgers to whole turkeys and they are under a hundred bucks and wil last forever. Even with my new monster webber I am thinking of getting another kettle gril, the taste difference between gas and charcoal isnt even close! Also side burners do come in handy down here in Florida especialy during storm season and the power goes away for a couple days.

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          I have a Weber charcoal grill that we've had for close to 30 years, I love it but my husband thinks it's too much trouble with the coals and takes too long to get hot. But every time we move, I make sure it comes with us, for old times sake!

        2. You need to buy one of those charcoal chimney deals where you load the top with charcoal and stuff newspaper in the bottom. the coals get hot in about 10 min and there is no lighter fluid taste in the meat.

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            I have one of those, and also an electric starter which I like the best. Never used lighter fluid. I fought my husband on this for years and finally gave in to him, except for actually throwing the Weber away! I will use it again someday, if I live long enough.

          2. I have to say I was dismayed when my husband brought home a CharBroil grill last summer from Home Depot. I'm a Weber girl. But the CharBroil really did an excellent job! It has 3 burners, nice heavy-duty grates, it heats up in a flash and has always done a great job cooking our food. Granted we live in the Midwest and we haven't used it all winter (we're not "winter grillers") hopefully soon it will be warm enough to fire up. . .mmmmmm grilled burgers and a Margarita with lots of salt. Simmer can't get here fast enough.

            1. If your budget allows a Weber Kettle grill with charcoal (and plenty of sales occur pre and post summer season) is a better buy than a cheap gas grill. We have a charcoal and gas Weber currently. When our budget allowed (during a decent end of season sale) we bought the top line Weber gas and now use the charcoal for small parties, appetizers, kids marshmallow/'smores. Happy shopping!