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Mar 9, 2007 02:11 PM

The best Persian food in Dallas?

Anyone have a tip on finding really good Persian food in Dallas? I'm craving a good Fesenjan, but don't have a place to go.

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  1. We've tried only three Persian restaurants in DFW so far. I'm not big on Fesenjan so this may not be a help, but...

    We like Sahara's buffet, but haven't tried their dishes from the menu yet (forgot their URL so I'm not sure if they have Fesenjan). I love Persian appetizers--esp. Salad Oliveh and Borani. Sahara's Salad Oliveh is ok, not the best. They don't have Borani.

    The best Salad Oliveh and Borani I've found here so far are at King Kabob in Plano, but their Koobideh wasn't that good. And they do not have stews or rice dishes!

    Kasra was recommended by a Kuwaiti aquaintance. A couple of their buffet dishes were very good, but they have niether Salad Oliveh or Borani (most workers there didn't know what Borani was) so I'm not going back there. They don't have Fesenjan, but have several other stews.

    If you find good Salad Oliveh and Borani closer to Richardson, pls let me know (sometimes I crave for Borani). I'm also looking for good Lubia Polo.

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      I take back what I said. We went back to Sahara. It's not worth the drive. Will try Shandiz.

    2. Have you tried Shandiz? They are on the corner of Coit & Parker

      1. Gringo, maybe this needs to be our next lunch excursion?

        1. The other thing about Shandiz is that they have a grocery next door. Their prices on grape seed oil are great! In fact they are considerably cheaper than the wholesaler I normally purchase from.

          1. A Persian friend of mine likes Shandiz