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Mar 9, 2007 02:09 PM

Beach Foods

What do you regularly take onto the sand? Do you stop at CVS for trial mix before hitting up Zuma? Or do you grab some greek from that hole-in-the-wall window in Venice beach to munch on while soaking up the sun? What hits the spot best when planning on eating on the beach in California?

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  1. I like Cha Cha Chicken (tasty Caribbean cuisine, reasonable prices) on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica, which is walking-distance to the beach and pier.

    1. I grab a baguette sandwich (proscuitto with brie for me!) from the French Market Cafe.

      Total tangent: Is that Greek hole in the wall (literally) any good?

      1. bay cities sandwiches, if you're going to santa monica. you can make an internet order and avoid the horrendous line.
        target also sells little juice boxes of wine...kinda fun, if you're going later in the day. they look exactly like a kid's juice box.

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          Thats hysterical. I'm going to remember that.

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              i think they're pretty good (for wine in a juice box)! and last weekend at the beach we had little cans of champagne w/ straws....sophia, i think...made by coppola.
              i sound like a real alkie! haha.

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                  Good finds! I need to go to target anyway. Where did you get the champagne cans?

                  The best beach meal I've had is cold fried chicken with jamaican rum punch.

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                    my friend brought the champagne cans and said she got them at ralphs! but that she has also gotten them at gelsons.
                    i was at target last week (the one on sep/jefferson) and they were out of the mini wine boxes. they did have a bigger cube one, tho.

            2. beach food is typically terrible and for the touristos. if you're on the west side, stop at bay cities deli on lincoln, and get there early. order great sandwiches and bring to the beach. the only establishments worth frequenting at the beach are those which serve alcohol...

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                You can now order online from Bay Cities for same day pickup